Did you know that the food sit­ting on your table trav­els an aver­age of 1,500 miles just to be con­sumed by you!  Grant­ed this is how we enjoy straw­ber­ries in Decem­ber, but what a toll that pack­age of sweet, juicy deli­cious­ness has on Mom­ma Earth.  Just one half gal­lon of Trop­i­cana orange juice adds 3.75lbs of CO2 to the atmosphere. 

I bet you are won­der­ing, “How can I off­set buy­ing my Trop­i­cana orange juice or Decem­ber straw­ber­ries?”  Well, I have the answer, buy LOCALLY!  For those read­ers in Cincin­nati there are a mul­ti­tude of options to buy local­ly.  The biggest, and in my opin­ion best is Find­lay Mar­ket in the heart of OTR.  Now, if try­ing to find a park­ing space in the crowd­ed park­ing lot or fight­ing for your turn at the pro­duce stand isn’t your scene there are many alter­na­tives.  It seems that almost every lit­tle bor­ough has a farmer’s mar­ket dur­ing the sum­mer.  A great place to find these lit­tle gems is cincinnati.metromix.com.  Anoth­er way to eat local is to join a CSA (Com­mu­ni­ty Sup­port­ed Agri­cul­ture).  The basic premise of a CSA is this.  You pur­chase a share/membership/subscription and in return the farm will share the lat­est sea­son­al pro­duce with you through­out the farm­ing season.

So how can we eat local­ly dur­ing the win­ter?  Well that is also an easy fix.  The two best ways are to pro­cure your­self a deep freeze and stick part of your sum­mer pro­duce in there to chill out until you need it. Or try your hand at can­ning (http://www.freshpreserving.com/). 

Get out there and enjoy the August har­vest of apples, apri­cots, arugu­la, basil, beans, beets, blue­ber­ries, corn, cucum­bers, dates, egg­plant, fen­nel, figs, grapes, man­goes, mel­ons, nec­tarines, okra, peach­es, pep­pers, plums, rasp­ber­ries, sor­rel, sum­mer squash, toma­toes, & watermelon.

Wan­na be a loca­vore? Check out these sites.

Find­lay Mar­ket (www.findlaymarket.org)

Loca­vore (http://cincinnatilocavore.blogspot.com/)

Red Sun­flower Farm (redsunflowerfarm.com)

Sev­enth Gen­er­a­tion (http://www.seventhgeneration.com/learn/news/guide-low-carbon-eating)

Food Rene­gade (http://www.foodrenegade.com/)