The US has the 9th largest car­bon foot­print in the world!  Thank good­ness we aren’t num­ber one, but still we are walk­ing in some mighty large shoes and I think we can all agree that clown feet are sim­ply not attrac­tive.  So, what can we do to help the US slip into some­thing a lit­tle slim­mer? 


  1. Buy LOCAL & Organ­ic.  Mak­ing a con­scious effort to buy food with­in 100 miles of your home helps cut down on vehi­cle emis­sions, and try­ing to pur­chase organ­i­cal­ly grown foods mean that no pes­ti­cides are being emit­ted into the air, ground & your body.
  2. Bring your own bag.  The aver­age fam­i­ly accu­mu­lates 60 plas­tic gro­cery bags a month, and in a best case sce­nario these bags will take 20 years to degrade.  So by the time that the first 720 bags final­ly degrade that fam­i­ly will have a total of 14,400 bags in the land­fill.
  3. Drink tap water.  Bot­tled water can cost up to 10,000 times more per unit than the same amount of tap water.  The bot­tled water indus­try leaves a huge car­bon foot­print from man­u­fac­tur­ing the bot­tles to ship­ping the final prod­uct.
  4. Ener­gy-proof your home.  This can be as sim­ple as turn­ing the lights off & clos­ing the vents in unused rooms to buy­ing a pro­gram­ma­ble ther­mo­stat to installing a tank-less water heater & low flow toi­lets.
  5. Switch up your trans­porta­tion.  Take a leisure­ly walk to the store, mass tran­sit to the mall, or car pool to work.  The aver­age Amer­i­can dri­ver emits 11500 lbs of CO2 per year.
  6. Buy Car­bon Off­sets.  You can off­set your car­bon foot­print by pur­chas­ing these.  The con­tri­bu­tion sup­ports pro­grams & tech­nolo­gies that reduce or pre­vent car­bon or green­house gas emis­sions.  Car­bon Off­sets can usu­al­ly be pur­chased through your ener­gy provider. 

And if you real­ly want to make reduc­ing your car­bon foot­print fun go to!   

Wan­na know what your car­bon foot­print is?