The Prosper For Business™ Program by Mackey Advisors®

Prosper For Business™ is a proven financial operating system modeled after Fortune 500 concepts and right-sized for small businesses with a minimum of $1M in annual revenue. This is the same system we use to power our astronomic growth. And it’s how we help our clients double and triple their profits. In fact, our average client experiences an increase of over 500% in profit during the first year alone.

Prosper For Business™  is right for you if:

  • You’re tired of sleepless nights spent worrying about business problems.
  • Your days are filled with endless details that hijack your focus on the future.
  • You’re overwhelmed by financial statements – and your CPA is of no help.
  • You worry that disappointing profits could spell the demise of your company.
  • You feel you don’t have the right tools to achieve the growth you want.
  • All the responsibility lies on your shoulders, and you feel totally alone.
  • You’re pulled in a million directions all at once, and you can never catch up.
  • Sales are up, but profits are down, and you can’t figure out why.
  • You have discovered that you can’t sell your way to prosperity.
  • You work so many hours that you can’t make it to family events or vacations.

This unique system is proven to double or triple your profits while giving you the support to make it happen fast.

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“Mackey Advisors went well beyond helping us develop great tools for analyzing our financial data, they helped me create a business where I can make a living and do what I love – helping people achieve happiness.”

Julie Bauke, The Bauke Group

“I think what makes Mackey Advisors different is that they really care about your business and really want to understand it and be a part of it.”

Kevin Holthaus, Holthaus Lackner Signs

“I can’t believe it, but since we’ve started working with Mackey’s team I’m actually working less, making more money and we’re making better decisions about the future of our company.”

“I appreciate the pro-activeness of your team.  In the first week of our working together, they showed us how to save $8,000 – $10,000 a year in taxes.  What a difference from previous tax and accounting providers I have used!”

“They met our needs from a small guy to a mid-sized guy to the biggest goetta guy in the world and tailored their offerings to our needs.”

Dan Glier, Glier's Meats
“I don’t know how I ever will be able to express my gratitude for your valuable energy and intellect that you give so freely to me and my team. You bring the questions we need to answer. I absolutely love you and your great, unique team.”

“With the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship, it is nice to know someone else is looking after my business too. Thank you.”

Matthew Dooley, Dooley Media

“After using multiple accounting firms, we discovered Mackey Advisors, referred through a trusted business partner.   They transformed our view of accounting services from a “necessary evil” that took on the arduous task of tax preparation to a partner that can help us prosper and focus on the right priorities.   The Mackey Advisors Team has become part of our core decision making process, developed a key set of management metrics that allows us to make informed decisions.   Without the assistance of this team of professionals to help us focus and hold us accountable, our business would be in a much different place than it is.   Following their processes and advice also helped with a successful transfer of my ownership in the company to a new partner!   A big thanks Mackey and her team!”

“Mackey Advisors has transformed the way we approaching growing and sustaining our profit margins. I couldn’t be happier that I engaged with them.”

Zach Strauss, Ready Set Grow

How Can We Promise You Results? Discover Prosper For Business™

A one-of-a-kind process that frees you, the business owner, from the things that hold you back, such as constant fear, worry, and overwhelm. It guides you to a sweet spot where sales, profitability, and freedom can actually co-exist. We have achieved this in our own company and have taught hundreds of business owners how to do it, too.

If you own an established business and want to…

  • Quickly increase your company’s profit
  • Reduce the number of hours you spend working
  • Build an amazing, purpose-filled business
  • Achieve your personal goals through your business

…then Prosper For Business™ is for you!

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On average, we create an additional $1,000,000 in profit for every one of our clients. Our system works!

Here are the three ways we measure success:

  1. Cash Coverage: Feeling confident you have enough cash in the bank is the first step to increasing your prosperity. We work to ensure you can cover payroll, keep vendors happy & have the fuel for growth..
  2. Net Income: Top-line growth may garner you awards & praise, but what’s important at the end of the day is what’s left over for you, your dreams and your family.
  3. Profit Time Index: Time is our most valuable resource. We work to ensure, as a business owner, you are getting the most profit out of every activity you do within your business.

How Prosper For Business(tm) Is Delivered

Delivery of the program focuses on education, visibility, and accountability. You meet monthly with your growth coach to ensure you always are moving towards your goals.

Prosper For Business(tm)  is delivered in four parts:

Part 1. Design Your Goals – With your intention for your business in mind, we design your goals for the next three to five years. This is the basis for the rest of the process.

Part 2. Develop Your Plan – Your growth coach helps you identify the core growth opportunities for your business. From there, you prioritize your opportunities and develop the plan to infuse them into your business.

Part 3. Monitor Your Progress – Now that you have your plan, we help you monitor your progress and stay on track. Here’s where we make real-time course corrections to ensure sure that your plan is achievable.

Part 4. Refine Your Focus – You and your growth coach continue to refine the focus as needed so that there is consistent momentum to achieve your goals.

The No-Risk Prosper for Business(tm)  Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll achieve amazing results, that we guarantee your return on investment at three times our fee. If you do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it, and you do not get at least three times our fee in return, then you owe us nothing. What you paid will be refunded in full.

Simple as that. You implement everything you commit to with our guidance, and you will achieve your goals.

Can’t wait to get started?

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