How many times have you had a great idea, only to let fear stop you? 

Fear and excitement can feel the same.  However, they produce very different results.  Fear blocks and excitement creates.

A few years ago Mackey Advisors made a decision to up our game in our Corporate services arena.  We had been providing outsourced Controller and CFO services for over 25 years, and over that time had created some incredible tools.  We knew it was time to take those tools to the next level, by surrounding them with clear process and great marketing.   After two years of research and development, Prosperity INC emerged. 

But then something very odd happened.  We knew these tools worked because we had been using them and seeing the results.  Yet as we began to expand and reach into the marketplace, we were stalling.

If you lead an organization, you know that the results are always your responsibility.  I looked high and low for what was blocking our progress, marketing strategy, sales process, pricing, communication, follow up, etc.  Finally exhausted and frustrated, I looked the one place I tend to avoid, within myself.

When I finally surrendered and looked inside myself I saw clearly that I was fearful of my own growth plan. Deep inside the messages I was giving myself were some old tapes that read something like, “Young lady, who do you think you are anyway?”

Once I discovered the roadblock, me, I released my old beliefs and the emotions associated with them.  I could feel the difference in my body immediately.  With the fear gone, excitement eagerly came forth ready to nurture my new ideas and take me to the next level.

The next Monday when I arrived at work, it was like walking into a new company.

I had relearned two old and recurring lessons. Never underestimate your power as the organization’s leader.  Never underestimate the power of old beliefs and emotions to block your progress.

 If you are stuck in any area of your life, it pays to check in.  Spend a quiet moment with yourself, and ask, “Am I fearful or excited?”    The dividends from that check in may surprise and delight you.