Fall in love with your financials!

Most small business owners and leaders are more than a little intimidated when it comes to their financial picture… and why wouldn’t they!? It’s a BIG topic with a seemingly infinite number of moving pieces.

Our founder, Mackey McNeill, CPA, has spent the last 40+ years working side-by-side with thousands of business owners to harness their data & help them grow their businesses. And now, she’s distilled it down into a 5 part workshop series!!

What you’ll get:

  • Financial Statements 101
  • Cash vs. Accrual Accounting
  • Understanding Cashflow & Liquidity 
  • Assessing Your Financial Resiliency 
  • Decision Making Through Key Metrics 
  • How to Determine Adequate Return 
  • and so much more…

Each participant of the series will have lifetime access to the workshop materials and tools. 

For years we have recognized our clients’ need for such a basic financial education series. Designed for emerging leaders and business owners who want to better leverage the financial data in their business, this program will boost your financial acumen, help you make better business decisions, and give you the confidence you need when engaging financial professionals in important conversations.

To register, please visit TheProsperityPlaybook.com