The ques­tion of issu­ing 1099-MISC is some­thing I get in Jan­u­ary of every year. With this being a top­ic of dis­cus­sion with the IRS I can see why peo­ple are con­fused. Per the 2012 instruc­tions for Form

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1099-MISC, if you are some­one engaged in a trade or busi­ness you should issue Form 1099-MISC to any­one whom you have PAID cash or a check, not what you have accrued, dur­ing the year:

  • At least $10 in roy­al­ties or bro­ker pay­ments in lieu of div­i­dends or tax-exempt inter­est
  • At least $600 in rents, ser­vices, prizes and awards, oth­er income pay­ments, med­ical and health care pay­ments, crop insur­ance pro­ceeds, cash pay­ments for fish you pur­chase from any­one in the trade or busi­ness of catch­ing fish, or, gen­er­al­ly, the cash paid from a notion­al prin­ci­pal con­tract to an indi­vid­ual, part­ner­ship, or estate
  • Any fish boat pro­ceeds
  • Gross Pro­ceeds of $600 or more paid to an attor­ney (even if a cor­po­ra­tion)

Gen­er­al­ly, pay­ments made to a cor­po­ra­tion or tax-exempt orga­ni­za­tion do not get report­ed on Form 1099-MISC. You are also not required to report pay­ments made with a cred­it card.

How do you know if the per­son you are pay­ing is not a cor­po­ra­tion? The best way is to have each ven­dor fill out Form W‑9 Request for Tax­pay­er Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion Num­ber and Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. This form can be print­ed off the IRS web­site ( Now is the time to start going through your ven­dor files and see whom you need to send this form to. By get­ting this form com­plet­ed you will have approx­i­mate­ly 99% of the infor­ma­tion need­ed to pre­pare your Form 1099-MISC.

Form 1099-MISC is due to all pay­ees by Jan­u­ary 31st of every year and to the IRS by Feb­ru­ary 28th of every year. You are unable to print these forms from the IRS web­site how­ev­er you can con­tact the IRS at 1–800-TAX-FORM or go to to place an order. You can also pur­chase them through office sup­ply stores.

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion on Form 1099-MISC you can vis­it If you need assis­tance in prepar­ing Form 1099-MISC you can con­tact our office.