Start with WhyI am currently listening to “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. Yes, I now listen to business books on tape because I am a business DORK! Anyway, he told a story about some American car manufacturers that went to Japan to learn from their wildly successful automobile assembly line. Apparently, in America, the last pieces to be installed on the car are the doors, and then there is a worker who uses a rubber mallet to make sure the door fits on the frame. In Japan, there was no final worker with a rubber mallet.

The American manufacturers were confused by this. They  asked how the Japanese made sure the doors fit on the car if they did not use a rubber mallet, and the Japanese manufacturer replied, “We designed the doors to fit the frame while we were engineering the car”. So, this got me thinking about design vs. force. One is actively engaged and purposeful, and the other is reactive and just trying to “make it work”.

Then, of course, I started thinking about our services and how this applies to Mackey Advisors…..

Whenever I talk to friends and colleagues around my age (31) about financial planners they always reply with, “I don’t have enough money for a financial planner yet, but when I do I’m going to call you”. My immediate reaction is, “NO! NO! NO! That’s a stupid way of thinking!” When you are my age plus or minus 5 to 10 years a person/couple/family has the gift of time! This allows them to design their finances around their goals and dreams. When folks wait till they have enough money for a financial planner, whatever that number may be, it may be too late. Waiting until you have “enough” means you may have to start forcing your finances and sacrificing things you really want.

Early Engineering = Better Design = More Future Success


Let’s  stop with the “I don’t have enough money yet” thing, grab the future by the cajones, and get going!


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