This morn­ing, before I start­ed my work­day, I walked around my small farm and picked cur­rant leaves.  A few days ear­li­er, as I was pick­ing berries, I noticed how good the air smelled. Last night I searched, “are cur­rant leaves edi­ble”?  Turns out they are! The author sug­gest­ed they make a great tea. So today, I came in from my walk with 7 cur­rant leaves and turned on the tea pot. I added a bit of ste­via and poured hot water over the leaves.  20 min­utes lat­er I was enjoy­ing a deli­cious cup of tea.


Money & Time.

When think­ing about your busi­ness if you’re like most of us, your pri­ma­ry thoughts are about the mon­ey of your busi­ness. Things like sales, prof­it, mar­gin.  All good things. All things that need your atten­tion. Because as a busi­ness own­er, the busi­ness funds every­thing in your life — home, car, fam­i­ly trips, health insur­ance etc.  Everything.

I love mon­ey. I am not talk­ing about greed, where you use mon­ey to hurt oth­ers. I am talk­ing about the joy of hav­ing enough mon­ey to live my life the way I choose.

I also love my life.  Life is a series of moments in time.  Unlike mon­ey, where I can make more, I can’t make more time.  Lim­it­ed things are pre­cious and deserve to be used wise­ly. Wise for me is mak­ing time choic­es that bring me joy.

Most morn­ings in the sum­mer I spend a few min­utes walk­ing about my prop­er­ty.  For no par­tic­u­lar rea­son. It just brings me joy to explore the flow­ers, admire the trees, and lis­ten to the birds.  I often make an herbal tea out of some­thing I pick along the way. Apple mint, cat­nip, spearmint, berg­amot, red clover. And now, cur­rant leaves.

This isn’t mis­sion crit­i­cal. It isn’t on my to do list. It sim­ply brings me joy. It helps me begin my day in a space of joy.

It is tempt­ing to bow to the mind chat­ter that fills my head as soon as I awake. To make my first task, my to do list.  But I did not go into busi­ness to be a slave to it. I start­ed my busi­ness to serve my pas­sion for help­ing busi­ness own­ers, while at the same time giv­ing myself the gift of cre­at­ing the life of my dreams.  Dreams of joy and morn­ing strolls.

Take a few min­utes right now to think about how you are spend­ing your time? Are there one or two sim­ple ways to add more joy to your life with new choic­es? Write them down. Now make it real. Why not make one new choice with your time today?