(Infor­ma­tion accu­rate as of March 24th 2020)
Before we begin, I acknowl­edge that I am writ­ing this from a place of priv­i­lege, and that many of us are sick, dying and/or on the brink of eco­nom­ic ruin. This piece is not intend­ed to down­play our cur­rent state but put out into the world one way we could move for­ward from this point in time.

There are no two ways about it, life as we knew it is over. It sounds odd to say, but hon­est­ly, how great is that? In the last few weeks, we’ve learned that the insti­tu­tions we had come to believe held all the pow­er, in fact, have very lit­tle. My neigh­bor, Tim, said it best, “[I’m] fasci­nat­ed by how weak the things that pur­port to be the strong cen­ter actu­al­ly are. All the mar­kets and insti­tu­tions have looked pret­ty frag­ile. What they mar­gin­al­ize and try to sup­plant (fam­i­ly, home, neigh­bor­hood, friend­ships) has held its ground — steady and true. “

We are like Dorothy; we’ve looked down and real­ized we have had the pow­er all along. It is up to us to save our­selves. Actu­al­ly, let me rephrase that…it is up to us to rede­fine and bring forth a more beau­ti­ful world.

I say, instead of try­ing to save what we have, lets come togeth­er (via Zoom of course) and cre­ate some­thing new and bet­ter and more beau­ti­ful! Here’s my theory:

  1. We’re all a bit pan­icked right now, and that is absolute­ly ok. We have to process our big emo­tions before we can move for­ward into inten­tion­al action.
  2. In the next 7 – 14 days the new­ness will wear off and our sym­pa­thet­ic ner­vous sys­tem will calm the hell down. I’m already see­ing this with my neigh­bors and friends who’ve been self-quar­an­tined since March 13th or so. They are start­ing to set­tle into the new state of affairs and think about plan­ning for the future.
  3. The cre­ative force that defines what it means to be human will kick in. If we can breathe and learn to be still for just a few moments, our col­lec­tive bril­liance will start to shine. We will start to think about, ideate and plan for new busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties and ways to cre­ate community

I urge us all to take this time where we have a “com­mon ene­my” to put down our dif­fer­ences and share our­selves, our ideas, and our fears.  It is through col­lab­o­ra­tion that the most pow­er­ful ideas are brought forth into this world.

This is an incred­i­ble gift we (human­i­ty) have been giv­en. Let us not squan­der it try­ing to save a way of liv­ing that wasn’t all that great to begin with.

Join me on Fri­day at 12PM ET to start this con­ver­sa­tion. None of us have all the answers, but togeth­er we have all the power.


Thanks friends, SG