(Information accurate as of March 24th 2020)
Before we begin, I acknowledge that I am writing this from a place of privilege, and that many of us are sick, dying and/or on the brink of economic ruin. This piece is not intended to downplay our current state but put out into the world one way we could move forward from this point in time.

There are no two ways about it, life as we knew it is over. It sounds odd to say, but honestly, how great is that? In the last few weeks, we’ve learned that the institutions we had come to believe held all the power, in fact, have very little. My neighbor, Tim, said it best, “[I’m] fascinated by how weak the things that purport to be the strong center actually are. All the markets and institutions have looked pretty fragile. What they marginalize and try to supplant (family, home, neighborhood, friendships) has held its ground – steady and true. “

We are like Dorothy; we’ve looked down and realized we have had the power all along. It is up to us to save ourselves. Actually, let me rephrase that…it is up to us to redefine and bring forth a more beautiful world.

I say, instead of trying to save what we have, lets come together (via Zoom of course) and create something new and better and more beautiful! Here’s my theory:

  1. We’re all a bit panicked right now, and that is absolutely ok. We have to process our big emotions before we can move forward into intentional action.
  2. In the next 7 – 14 days the newness will wear off and our sympathetic nervous system will calm the hell down. I’m already seeing this with my neighbors and friends who’ve been self-quarantined since March 13th or so. They are starting to settle into the new state of affairs and think about planning for the future.
  3. The creative force that defines what it means to be human will kick in. If we can breathe and learn to be still for just a few moments, our collective brilliance will start to shine. We will start to think about, ideate and plan for new business opportunities and ways to create community

I urge us all to take this time where we have a “common enemy” to put down our differences and share ourselves, our ideas, and our fears.  It is through collaboration that the most powerful ideas are brought forth into this world.

This is an incredible gift we (humanity) have been given. Let us not squander it trying to save a way of living that wasn’t all that great to begin with.

Join me on Friday at 12PM ET to start this conversation. None of us have all the answers, but together we have all the power.


Thanks friends, SG