This is the fourth in a series of blogs posts about my per­son­al jour­ney to putting a Board of Advi­sors togeth­er. To view all blog posts on our Board of Advi­sors please click here.

With my skills sets in hand, my Aileron con­sul­tant began send­ing me resumes for poten­tial can­di­dates. I was get­ting more excit­ed, and even more ner­vous.  I real­ly was going to take the plunge, no turn­ing back now.

In the begin­ning, I sched­uled only in-per­son meet­ings.  In-per­son meet­ings proved chal­leng­ing, because some can­di­dates were out of the region.  It took a lot of time to sched­ule and it wasn’t easy to coor­di­nate lunch with busy peo­ple!  I want­ed to go slow and make a good deci­sion, but like any recruit­ing effort, oth­er folks are look­ing for Board can­di­dates too. If I didn’t pick up my pace, I was going to lose some great can­di­dates.  After two months, I had screened dozens of resumes and inter­viewed eight can­di­dates.  I had maybe two pos­si­ble can­di­dates.  To be quite hon­est, I was get­ting more con­fused than any­thing and felt I had lost my focus. 

I decid­ed to aban­don the idea of all face-to-face meet­ings and move to phone inter­views.  I was wor­ried I wouldn’t be able to get a good “read” on the can­di­dates over the phone.  I knew that syn­er­gy and rap­port were impor­tant to me.  These folks would be my advi­sors, so real­ly click­ing with them seemed crit­i­cal.  How was I going to know if we “clicked” over the phone?

I did what I usu­al­ly do when I am con­fused about the next steps; I picked up my jour­nal and start­ed to write.  I knew what skills sets I want­ed, but were there oth­er cri­te­ria that was eas­i­ly dis­cern­able dur­ing a phone inter­view?  After writ­ing for about 15 min­utes, the obvi­ous struck me.  Val­ues! Every­one I was talk­ing to was incred­i­bly accom­plished and tal­ent­ed, but if our val­ues matched I knew we would make a great team.  I set my inten­tion to find peo­ple who had sim­i­lar val­ues to me.

 As soon as I got clear on my cri­te­ria, the next 2 can­di­dates I spoke with were a clear fit.   We had com­mon val­ues and I had great respect for their accom­plish­ments.  All that was left now was a moun­tain of paper­work, tons of pre-work for me and set­ting a date.