This is the second in a series of blogs posts about my personal journey to putting a Board of Advisors together. To view all blog posts on our Board of Advisors please click here. 


The Aileron course on Outside Boards gave me all the tools I needed to create a Board on my own.  However, like most CEO’s, I had a company to run day to day. Implementing all the learning from the one day course, while doable, seemed like an overwhelming task to add to my already lengthy to do list.

Aileron offers assistance in setting up a Board and I decided the fee was a good investment.  If I focused on doing this myself, it might be 3 years before I could find the right candidates and get moving. 

I met with my Aileron consultant and he helped me choose the 3 primary skill sets I was looking for.  I was also clear that I wanted a gender diverse Board, as men and women bring different natural talents to the table, and my experience with all male or all female groups is that diversity wins every time.

By signing on to get Aileron’s help, they would provide me with candidate resumes, a big time saver, right off the bat.

In order to let candidates know about my business, I put together a PowerPoint with audio describing what my companies are all about as well as what I wanted to accomplish with a Board.  I chose this format, because I thought it would be preferable for Board members to reading a lengthy written document.  Once complete, the audio had a few key visuals and took about four minutes to listen to.  It took me about an hour to write and three hours to record!  Or should I say, record and re-record.  I discovered quickly that listening to myself is an easy way to find all the flaws in my voice.  The stutters, the long S’s, the slurred words.  Finally, I gave myself a break and decided it a good enough.