This is the third in a series of blogs posts about my per­son­al jour­ney to putting a Board of Advi­sors togeth­er. To view all blog posts on our Board of Advi­sors please click here. 


Get­ting clear on what skill sets I was look­ing for on my Board was one of my most impor­tant deci­sions.  Writ­ing the job descrip­tion for an open posi­tion before recruit­ing is cru­cial; clar­i­fy­ing what I was look­ing for in my Board was just as essential.

I decid­ed on three Board mem­bers, with three dif­fer­ent skill sets: CEO, Human Resources and Mar­ket­ing.   I want­ed a CEO who had grown their busi­ness larg­er than mine and had demon­strat­ed and mon­e­tized best prac­tices in their indus­try.  This was my “been there, done that” person. 

Human resources is crit­i­cal in any busi­ness, but for Mack­ey Advi­sors and Ignite Pros­per­i­ty INC, both pro­fes­sion­al ser­vice busi­ness­es, it is our back­bone.  We have for years been work­ing on upping our game in HR, and I was excit­ed to have some tal­ent to depend on. 

Mar­ket­ing exper­tise was nat­ur­al, if we want to grow, we have got to learn how to mar­ket more effec­tive­ly.  Mar­ket­ing is such a vast area; we need a resource to help us wrap our minds around this giant swim­ming pool of possibilities.