Here is an Eng­lish les­son for today … Con­ser­va­tion by def­i­n­i­tion is “Preser­va­tion or restora­tion from loss, dam­age or neglect”; Pros­per­i­ty is “The con­di­tion of … hav­ing suc­cess, flour­ish­ing, being well-off”. 

That being said, one can see that in order to real­ize pros­per­i­ty, con­ser­va­tion is need­ed.  Whether you are choos­ing to con­serve the wealth you have built or you are con­serv­ing dai­ly to build that wealth.  We all know dif­fer­ent ways to con­serve in our dai­ly lives, skip the mall, put a lit­tle extra in sav­ings, take our lunch to work, rent a movie instead of going to the the­ater.  We’ve all exer­cised some restraint or “con­ser­va­tion” to ben­e­fit our “pros­per­i­ty”. 

Now, how many times in a day do we choose to spend a lit­tle in order to save a lit­tle?  Well, thanks to the Green Umbrel­la Ener­gy Chal­lenge, we can do both!  The Greater Cincin­nati Ener­gy Alliance is team­ing with Green Umbrel­la to help con­sumers in Hamil­ton, Boone, Ken­ton and Camp­bell Coun­ties to reduce their util­i­ty bills by 15–30%. Con­sumers in these coun­ties are qual­i­fied to receive a $400 Home Ener­gy Assess­ment for only $100.  In addi­tion, for a lim­it­ed time you can receive up to 50% in Cash Incen­tives for any repairs you choose to have completed. 

So, in one fell swoop you can “Con­serve and Pros­per” by enjoy­ing a dis­count­ed Home Ener­gy Assess­ment and then sav­ing on your util­i­ty costs!  What is there to lose?  Set anoth­er course for pros­per­i­ty in your life by find­ing out what nat­ur­al resources you can con­serve while also sav­ing mon­ey!  Check out and select an affil­i­ate to reg­is­ter for your Home Ener­gy Assess­ment … here’s to Prosperity!