Amanda Shults HS 2RiskSOURCE® Clark-Theders, formerly Clark-Theders Insurance Agency, has proudly served the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 60 years. Their mission is to go beyond insurance by understanding their clients, coworkers and community and doing what is right for them – because they care. Sticking to this mission has helped the company grow to 19 employees serving over 4,000 businesses and individuals from the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond. Amanda Shults has been with RiskSOURCE® Clark-Theders for over 12 years, and is now serving as President. Amanda enjoys working in an industry where our clients’ needs are constantly evolving, and is passionate in the role of leading the organization to live out their vision & mission. The Mackey Advisors team has enjoyed our time spent with Amanda, and her RiskSOURCE® family.


Q&A with Amanda Shults


What are you passionate about, in regards to your business?

Every business and individual has unique insurance needs and it is extremely important to have the appropriate types and amounts, but that is just part of the equation. I am passionate that we continue to find ways to innovate our services to go “beyond insurance” to help make our clients safer, healthier and more productive. It is nice to know that our coverage recommendations and the products we represent take care of our clients when the unexpected happens, but it is extremely rewarding for our team when we partner proactively with our clients to help them prevent or mitigate their risk. We want to be seen as risk manager first and insurance professionals second.


What is the most valuable leadership lesson you have learned?

Caring is at the heart of leadership. If you care about something, you will devote your time and energy to it because there is a greater purpose to be achieved. It goes beyond reaching a goal, it becomes part of your business or who you are. It makes the journey more meaningful and allows the opportunity to form close relationships with those traveling with you.


If you could give the 20-year-old you any piece of advice, what would it be?

Be aware of your own personal strengths and challenges, and surround yourself with others you bring value that you cannot. This awareness has been impactful in my professional and personal relationships, and allowed me go much further than I could on my own.





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