Our clients are doing amazing things, and going on incredible adventures. So incredible in fact, we just had to share. This month we are excited to share Mary Pat & Tim’s Viking River Cruise through France!

Our Viking River Cruise, Paris & Normandy, began with a day in Paris followed by port stops and tours down the meandering, bucolic River Seine. The trip is memorable because of the excellent customer service of the Viking staff, as well as their thoughtful tour stop selections and choosing guides that were knowledgeable about the location.

My husband is an artist and I am an art lover, so the Louvre in Paris was a definite trip highlight. To see art such as the Mona Lisa and Michaelanglo’s David left me breathless. But the town of Giverney where the gardens of Monet are located felt like a dream. The gardens are tightly planted with a riot of color. Walking through the gardens felt as if I was in one of his paintings. After touring his home and gardens, we strolled through the village to the church cemetery where he and his family are buried. While ambling through the cemetery we heard singing. Upon entering the church, we found the choir practicing. We were welcomed to listen to the impromptu concert. Such a special bonus to an already exceptional day! A final highlight was the day we spent at the beaches of Normandy and the American Cemetery. We were each given a white rose to place on the grave of our choice. Tim and I choose graves of unknown soldiers. Our tour guide shared personal stories of her grandparents’ participation in the French Resistance and how an American medic saved her grandfather’s life when he was injured during the bombings. This tour impressed upon me the importance of studying history and appreciating the past. We enjoy the life we have now thanks to the sacrifices of others.

Our 8 days in France were filled with art, history, and lovely countryside. We have been home over a month and I can still feel the magic.