Full Throttle Indoor Karting is Cincinnati’s premier high-speed indoor go-kart track located in Springdale, near Tri-County Mall.  Everyone from the novice to the professional racer will enjoy the state-of-the-art karts and racing at speeds up to 40mph along with 14 exciting and challenging turns.  Full Throttle has youth karts and adult karts so people of all ages can enjoy racing.  Great place for friendly racing competitions amongst friends or team building with co-workers.

Joe O’Gorman, Owner of Full Throttle, began autocrossing about 10 years ago and has progressed into road racing with the SCCA.  He completed his rookie season in 2015, taking third place in the Great Lakes Division in his ’86 ITC Honda Civic.

When Joe is not spending time at Full Throttle, he enjoys racing his car, traveling, kayaking and biking.

Q&A with Joe O’Gorman

What are you passionate about, in regards to your business?

Customer Satisfaction.  I get a real charge out of knowing we’ve exceeded customer expectations. I love it when I hear positive reinforcement of our service through a customer experience. I take customer service to heart and often take it personally when we didn’t earn high marks.

When a customer provides feedback, it gives us a chance to take a look at ourselves and what we may be able to improve on.  I see a miss with a customer as a chance to learn and improve.   Some of our best ideas came from customers, and some of our best customers gave us a second chance, if we made a mistake.

What is the most valuable leadership lesson you have learned?

People are most productive when they are empowered.   I think it is human nature to want to do a good job, and when people are competent and trusted to get the job done they will rise to the occasion.  While at Cintas, I inherited a group of IT professionals that had been without a manager for some time. When given a little attention, and empowered them to challenge what they do, why they do it, and what value they deliver, the results were amazing.  That group of people were viewed from the outside as misfits, C players, etc.  They demonstrated that they added value, and when challenged, were willing to shed work that was not adding value, rather than just keep doing the same old thing.   A large number of the group demonstrated that they were indeed A players.

If you could give the 20-year-old you any piece of advice, what would it be?

Stay resilient. Opportunities present themselves in odd ways and at odd times.  By sticking with the goal, despite obstacles, you can often turn a “no” into a ‘‘not yet”, and a “not yet” into a “yes”.







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