cctileSara Cormier  is the Creative Director and Owner of Cormier Creative. Cormier Creative is a Smart Design Studio founded in 2011. Sara is the best around when it comes to clever, whimsical, and imaginative designs for anything from logos to websites to print design and more! The Mackey Advisors/Ignite Prosperity team is honored to help this amazing woman and design firm reach their goals!


Q & A with Sara


What are you passionate about when it comes to your business?

  • I love helping small business owners and bloggers realize their full potential through good design. Most of my clients are (awesome) women who are starting a business or looking for a fresh look for their existing business. Once they feel great about how the world views their business, the sky’s the limit!

What has been your biggest financial challenge, and how did you over come it?

  • My biggest financial challenge is staying organized. As a creative, artsy-type, it’s sometimes hard for me to want to dive head-first into accounting and bookkeeping. When I realized I was in over my head with my lack of bookkeeping, I called Mackey Advisors, of course, to remedy the situation!

If you could give the 20-year-old you any piece of advice, what would it be?

  • Believe in yourself and don’t forget what’s really important in life.