Hi, I’m Mackey McNeill, and today I’m going to talk to you about changing your focus. As I’ve worked in my own business and with thousands of other business owners in pursuit of prosperity, I have learned that there are five critical mindset shifts that help a business owner, not only profit but prosper. Build a Better toolbox. Change your focus. Use data as a convener, a unifier. Stop being a fulcrum. And build a wheel and bring your head and your heart to work.  


So today, we’re going to talk about changing your focus from profit to prosperity. I am all about building a robust and growing bottom line. But I want you to think bigger. Start by asking yourself, why settle for profits when you can achieve the three freedoms of prosperity – money freedom, time freedom, and freedom from worry. Early in my business life, I settled again and again. Each year, I made more money than the prior year, more than it ever made in my life. Wasn’t that the goal? And as I grew my business, there were countless sacrifices of family time, vacation time and personal time. I accepted the time demands on my life is an essential requirement for becoming a successful business owner. The same was true of worry, it was part of my daily life. When I lose a key employee, can I close enough business? Am I going to retain my top talent? How can I stay in front of the constantly changing technology demands? Between loss, sleep, and stress, worry took a toll on my health. Then as I looked around, and other business owners, clients and members of my CEO roundtable, it seemed that they too are in a similar place. No time and lots of worry. And if only if they were one of the lucky ones, were they making good money? If not, they struck out on all three counts. For me, everything changed with the loss of a family member. It was an enormous wake up call. And it set me on a journey that had long avoided inside. I stopped looking outside of myself to try to fit into the patterns I saw. And I began to question everything. Starting with what did I want? Why was I settling for profits? And why was I willing to sacrifice my life energy for money? Just because I didn’t see another way being model didn’t mean it wasn’t out there. So, I committed to finding a new path. And this took me on a journey to build a repeatable system for achieving the three freedoms of prosperity and it became my life’s mission.  


Are you settling? Are you ready to achieve the three freedoms of prosperity? It all begins by changing your focus. By believing in the possibility of a different world. One filled with time freedom, money freedom, and freedom from worry. If you’re ready to get started today, hop over to the prosperityplaybook.com and get your free guide, The Prosperity Playbook Roadmap. And start creating a financial system that will give you confidence and control.  


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