Status quo is out. Change is in. 

We have just weathered the worst recession since the 1970’s and for some, it isn’t over.  Others are beginning to see an uptick in income and business activity.  The recession re-taught us some old tried and true rules:

  • Be prepared for a rainy day
  • Understand and manage your cash flow
  • Use debt wisely
  • Align your investments with your risk tolerance and your cash demands
  • Don’t be a sheep-le – that is don’t follow the herd, in investing or in your business

As the old becomes new again, the new keeps moving forward at an increasingly accelerated pace. This year alone we have seen landmark tax legislation in the areas of health care, student loan reform, and hiring and other business incentives.  Roth IRA conversions have a new twist this year and the estate tax has expired. 

Marry these changes with the increasing pace of technological change, increasing globalization, decreasing access to credit, the need to re-align our energy sources to renewables, and it is easy to go into overwhelm.

Accelerated change calls on us as business owners or individuals to be strategic in our thinking and decision making.  With the status quo out the window, so must go “shoot from the hip” decision making.  More than ever we must consider the financial consequences of our choices, before they are made.

How do we do this? By asking the right questions.

For example, as individuals:

The wrong question

The right question

Do I need more life insurance?

How do I provide for my security and that of my family?

Should I buy mutual fund XYZ?

What investment plan supports my intentions, values and goals?

With my recently received inheritance, should I buy a new car or remodel my kitchen?

How do I utilize my inheritance to maximize my wealth for years to come?


As business owners:

The wrong question

The right question

Do I need to raise prices?

Who is my customer and how do I add the most value at the lowest possible cost?

Should I hire or outsource?

How do I get the best talent at the most affordable price?

Should I be on twitter?

How does social media fit into my marketing strategy?

How do we discover the right questions? They meet these criteria:

  • They consider you and others
  • They are not by nature transactional
  • They refocus your attention on a higher purpose or vision
  • They cause you to pause in your thinking

The Prosperity Experience® is our unique wealth management process designed to assist individuals with asking the right questions. 

Our Prosperity, INC® services assist business owners in the same regard.

We look forward to helping you achieve your prosperity potential, in your life and in your business.

Watch for continuing newsletters on all the new tax acts, and call us with your questions.