Macro View of Economic Environment

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Another quarter, another Covid variant emerges.  This time Omicron, which is more infectious but less severe than previous versions of the Covid virus.  While there are nagging concerns, continued vaccination (and boosting) progress has thus far mitigated any new issues that could arise with the continuing evolution of the pandemic.    

Are You Leaving Money on the Table? A Guide to Value-Based Pricing Strategies

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Breaking News: Now’s the time to raise your prices! And it’s not just because we’re at the top of a new year (though it is, generally speaking, a good time to rollout changes in pricing structures with your customers). No. We’re saying it’s time to raise prices because in this economy, your livelihood depends on it. Inflation is the highest it’s been since the 1970s. For many in the workforce, it’s the highest they’ve ever experienced in their adult lives! Everything is going up. As a result, the tolerance for price changes is high — your clients simply expect to pay more these days. “Be proactive and not reactive right now about raising your price,” says MACKEY’s Director of Client Engagement Adam Reynolds. “Pricing is the most powerful tool in a business’s toolbox — so use it.”

Economic Update – Fall 2020

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businesses should be seeing – or soon will be experiencing – some recovery in their operations. Having said that, we do not anticipate a “full” recovery until mid-2021. There are numerous risks that could derail the recovery. Most notably, of course, a second wave of COVID-19 that causes governors and other governments to shut down their economies again.

How Many Clicks Does It Take?

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I'm an entrepreneur; I love building things. My favorite part of growing a new company is sharing ideas about great products and services with potential buyers/customers. My favorite part is marketing, particularly when it works and [...]

Harnessing the Power of Education and Training: Leadership Through Learning

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I believe the first thing business owners need to understand is the difference between training and education. Training is utilized when you are trying to increase the uniformity, efficiency and repeatable quality of your product or service. Education is utilized to increase the autonomy of your employees to reduce the need for heavy handed management, nimble response, and increased customer/client satisfaction.

Why Your Top Line isn’t Your Most Important Number

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If you have ever played or watched golf, then you are probably familiar with the phrase “drive for show and putt for dough.” The idea here is, your drive can be a great and an impressive shot, but you don’t win tournaments and make money (dough) if you’re not putting well. I think this same concept applies to the way business owners think of their top line revenue.

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