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Moving from Controlled Chaos to Well-Oiled Machine

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We recently had an interview with our client, MACH III. We had fun catching up with Lesli Riehemann while hearing more about her own success story!   The Challenge: MACH III had all their own information in QuickBooks and was outsourcing their accounting while only having one annual meeting. As a result of infrequent communication with their [...]

Macro View of the Upcoming Economic Environment

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Macro View of the Upcoming Economic Environment   Bottom line is that the U.S. and Global Economics are slowing.  ITR anticipates a weaker fourth quarter 2019 extending into mid-2020 due to a variety of issues, including the trade war and geopolitical issues such as Brexit, Iran/Saudi Arabia, Italy and Turkey/Syria.  Originally, they predicted an early 2020 recovery but [...]

Why Your Accountant Just Doesn’t Get You…

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  Recently we sat down with a prospect to discuss her current financial support needs, what she felt she needed and how our services may be a fit for her. During the conversation she told us multiple times that she LOVES her accountant and trusts him implicitly. However, while we were wrapping up our conversation, she [...]

Sweeping Declarations have No Place in Your Business

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On the show How I Met Your Mother, there was a running gag about one character, Marshall Eriksen, making “sweeping declarations”. He would do something ill-advised and afterword was adamant he’d never do it again. Of course, he did it again. It wouldn’t be funny if he actually changed his behavior. In our work with business owners [...]

Do You Listen or Just Hear?

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone and thought, “are they really listening to me or are they just nodding their head in agreement?”  It is also frustrating to have someone lend a response before you have even finished your thought.  It makes me wonder, are they just hearing me or are they actually listening? [...]

Every Business Needs 5 Types of People

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I took a long & very winding path to where I am today. It started when I declared theater as my major in college, then took a 90 degree turn when I was accepted to UC’s DAAP college for Interior Design. During my time there I learned so much about how we build modern structures but [...]

Why Every Business Owner Needs a Doula

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Merriam-Webster Online defines a doula as a person trained to provide advice, information, emotional support & physical comfort to a mother before, during and just after childbirth. When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2015, I was adamant I wanted an intervention-free childbirth, meaning one without inducement, pain medication or surgery. To support myself in this [...]

Lost in Translation – Cost Rates

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Have you ever been in a meeting and half way through felt like you were going to be sick? You learned that something you have been doing for a very long time wasn’t accurate and was causing you to make decisions on misinformation. We recently had this very conversation with a client, however by the time [...]

Discussions & Decisions When Adding a Partner or Shareholder

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Adding a partner or shareholder is not simple.  As with any agreement involving money, spending the time having difficult conversations up front is well worth your time and energy.  A clear agreement avoids unnecessary conflicts that can sabotage or derail your business by taking energy from the business and focusing it on the conflict.  The typical [...]