Hi. I’m Mackey McNeill, founder of Mackey and in this video I’m going to explain how to stop being a fulcrum and build a circle in your business and why it matters.

For 40 years I’ve worked with business owners to help them prosper, to build amazing bottom lines, to enjoy time freedom, and be confident in their decisions. What I’ve learned is there are five critical areas that have adopted allow a business not only to profit but to prosper. First, bring your head and heart to work. Two, change your focus. Three, use data as a convener or unifier. Four stop being a fulcrum and build a circle. And five, build a better toolbox.

In this video I’m going to talk about why it’s worth the energy to stop being a fulcrum and build a circle and how to get started. If you’re like most owners, when you started the business you were a business of one or maybe at most a handful of people with a limited budget. You could only afford so much help so you touched everything. As the business grow, you hired more team members and offloaded more work but you were still the go-to for all the big decisions without really intending you became a fulcrum. The point of support for where the lever turns. Functioning as a fulcrum everything goes through you. You are the stress point and you are stressed, it’s exhausting.

The most precious resource you have is time. Unlike money, you can’t create more of it and the path to creating time freedom begins when you build a circle. A circle is the most powerful shape in the universe. Why wouldn’t you use it in your business? A circle disperses the heavy work and shares the load and that’s what creates the time freedom. When you build a circle by engaging your team, share your purpose and your cause, teach your team about how your business works, and how it makes money and grows you build a wheel by engaging your team. Share your purpose or your cause. Teach your team about how the business works, how it makes money and how it grows. Practice open book management and, super important, develop a culture of curiosity and trust.

I have been a fulcrum and I have built a wheel and I’ve watched thousands of other business owners do the same. Circles build momentum. Ideas flow from the front lines up. Teams learn to identify and solve their own challenges without the owner’s involvement. In circle-based cultures, individual team members blossom and thrive beyond their own expectations. Sounds a little bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? And if I hadn’t witnessed it over and over, I might think so too. But think about it, what have you got to lose? Hmm, let’s think here’s one thing that comes to mind if you don’t build a wheel. You risk never taking a real vacation, you know, the kind of vacation where you don’t answer your phone and you don’t respond to emails. Then that would be a big missing, missing all that stress and having fun instead

Several years ago I decided to test the quality of my wheel. I went on vacation and I did not  respond to emails or talked to my team or clients for six weeks, it was glorious, it was heavenly. And when I came home, my business was running smoothly like a well-oiled wheel. Take the first step, all you have to lose is a little bit of stress and worry.

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