Hi, I’m SG. And today we’re going to talk about balancing your head and heart at work or in this this episode, we’re going to talk a little bit about raising your little freak flag, okay.

65% of small businesses won’t make it to their 10th anniversary and I can’t stand for that. I just won’t. So we’ve developed five key success for small businesses, if you implement all of them, you’re going to have an enduring business. That’s balance your head in your heart, use data as a convener, change your focus, stop being a fulcrum, and build a better toolbox. Like I said, we’re going to focus on balancing your head and heart today. Now more than ever, it is so important to balance your head and your heart at work. I’m sure you’ve seen the studies out there, but one in four Americans is going to change jobs this year, in the next 12 months. That’s massive, and most of it is due to misalignment with mission or lack of passion. Gone are the days where you can offer a fat compensation package and really cushy benefits, and win the talent race. 

So let’s talk about that a little further. I believe we are being called as business owners and leaders to show up holistically for our employees and support their whole selves. And that takes a lot of heart and even more vulnerability. The best way that I can tell you about this through an example, is through the Mackey story, because sometimes you are your best story. 

Now, here at Mackey, we are a very technical business. We’re in finance, right? And so we’ve always recruited in a very technical way. Our job announcements and our job descriptions have lots of numbers, lots of metrics, lots of designations that need to be filled. And the bottom, we talk a little bit about our mission. Sometimes we don’t, sometimes we’re just putting out what the job is, and what it needs to get done. And that’s worked-ish. 

Now let me be clear. I love my team like L-O-V-E, big fan girl, love my team,  but the reason I have this team is not because my recruiting. It’s because of word of mouth and luck. And so now in 2021, I realized that can’t be the only way that I find great talent and I decided to make a change. And I just started Googling, job announcements, job descriptions, all of this stuff. And most of them were done the same way that we were doing ours. You have the, you know, if you have the job title, you have a little one word description, you have the KPIs, you know all the designations. And then I stumbled across Mantry, which is a pretty big local brewery around here. And I read their job announcements. And as much as I love my team and my job, I almost wanted to quit here and go work for them. Everything was passion and purpose first. It was all about what they’re trying to do in the world, how that job fits in to the mission, and overall vision of the business. And then it talked about the specifics of their job, and recapped with purpose. And I said, that’s it. That’s what we got to do. They’re raising their freak flag and they’re raising it so well that even I want to jump ship and go. I’m not going to, I love this place too much. With Mantry as the blueprint, I set to work writing our job announcement, for our latest position. I started with our purpose and the fact that we want to radically change the world through prosperity. That was scary.

Raising our fleet freak flag a little bit, right? I talked about our mission and our vision. I talked about how this role was going to help us scale and change the world, raising more, right, sharing my big dreams, our big dreams, with the public, right? I really wanted the person who’s reading this job description to understand that not only do they have a job, they have purpose. And if they believe that small business can change the world,  like I believe, they belong here. And guess what? I posted that, freaked, totally freaked out about being so blunt around what I wanted to do in the world, let alone what I needed this person to do. But I got four applicants back and they were ungodly stellar. I kept looking, I would open up an email with a, with a resume and I’d say are you serious? This person wants to work with me? And this isn’t an environment, I know that four doesn’t sound like a lot, but we went to Universal Studios. They had a hiring fair, trying to hire 300 people. And only seven people showed up for the entire fair. So four people knocking on my little small business door saying, I believe in you. And I want in, let’s talk. I’m still on cloud nine about it. And it’s all because I raised our freak flag and I put out there that were, what we’re doing and that they should be a part of it. And so that’s it. That’s how you’re going to win the talent race now. Make sure that you are crystal clear on why you exist and what you’re trying to do in this world and make sure you’re telling it to everybody who will listen. You’re telling it to clients, to vendors, to current employees, to future employees, you’re doing it on video like this. And I promise that you will start attracting your tribe of people to come and support you in your mission. Now you could be saying, SG, sounds great, but man, I have been hustling in this business for so long. I’ve kind of forgotten what I’m trying to do here. I just need to make it through the day. I’ve got a solution for you. Please go to mackieadvisors.com and check out our Business by Design webinar. You can watch a recording there or join us for a live webinar. And it goes through the five questions you as a business owner, need to ask to create a business by design, a business of purpose and intention. And from there you can start changing the world again.

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