Biomimicry 101 v5I have been grow­ing most of my own fruits and veg­eta­bles for sev­en sea­sons now. This expe­ri­ence has giv­en me three pri­ma­ry gifts: patience, humil­i­ty and pros­per­i­ty. I have learned patience in wait­ing for a seed to sprout. It is impos­si­ble not to be hum­ble in the pres­ence of nature’s bril­liance, for while it is qui­et, it is exquis­ite and har­mo­nious. Nature has pros­pered for 3.8 bil­lion years and as such is the eldest pros­per­i­ty teacher I have had the plea­sure of work­ing with.

While all these gifts have been life chang­ing, it is nature’s blue­print for abun­dance and pros­per­i­ty that most fas­ci­nates me. It has long been my pas­sion and pur­pose to pro­vide tools, resources and process­es to help peo­ple expe­ri­ence pros­per­i­ty in every moment. Nature cer­tain­ly does. And as part of nature, so can we.

About a month ago, I stum­bled upon a set of teach­ings called Bio­mimicry. Two weeks lat­er I was in Mon­tana on a remote ranch in a class, Bio­mimicry 3.8, an Immer­sion. The week start­ed off with the basic premise of Bio­mimicry, that nature’s genius pro­vides solu­tions to human chal­lenges. Bio­mimicry as a prac­tice is an approach to inno­va­tion that seeks sus­tain­able solu­tions to human chal­lenges by emu­lat­ing nature’s time-test­ed pat­terns and strate­gies.

Pros­per­i­ty is a human chal­lenge that we have yet to mas­ter, so I trav­eled to Mon­tana hop­ing to deep­en my under­stand­ing of Bio­mimicry prac­tices for the pur­pose of incor­po­rat­ing that learn­ing into The Pros­per­i­ty Expe­ri­ence and/or new process­es and tools Mack­ey Advi­sors devel­ops in the future.

It was an intense week of expe­ri­enc­ing nature, work­ing with gift­ed bril­liant peo­ple from around the globe and learn­ing from nature. Life has evolved a set of strate­gies that have sus­tained over 3.8 bil­lion years. Bio­mimicry teach­es these strate­gies as Life’s Prin­ci­ples, which are the over­ar­ch­ing pat­terns found amongst the species sur­viv­ing and thriv­ing on Earth. Think of them as the design lessons from nature. They are:

  • Adapt to Chang­ing Con­di­tions
  • Be Local­ly Attuned and Respon­sive
  • Use Life Friend­ly Chem­istry
  • Be Resource Effi­cient
  • Inte­grate Devel­op­ment with Growth
  • Evolve to Sur­vive

Pros­per­i­ty isn’t some­thing that just hap­pens. We design it into our life or busi­ness through the choic­es we make. The key ques­tion is always, what choic­es are mov­ing me and/ or my busi­ness toward pros­per­i­ty and which are mov­ing me away?

I believe Life’s Prin­ci­ples offer foun­da­tion­al insights we can use to cre­ate pros­per­i­ty. This is a new teach­ing for me, and over the next few months, I will explore each of Life’s Prin­ci­ples and how we can use their teach­ing to expand our expe­ri­ence of pros­per­i­ty. I hope you will chime in and give me your thoughts, feed­back, chal­lenge my ideas and con­tribute to the body of knowl­edge of how humans cre­ate pros­per­i­ty.

In Joy,