About Mackey McNeill

Author, speaker and fearless leader of the Prosperity People, Mackey McNeill is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to creating prosperity in the lives of her clients and within her community. She has merged over 30 years of expertise as a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist with her knowledge of internal alignment to create The Prosperity Experience: a planning program rooted in self discovery and financial self actualization. A sought after thought leader on the subjects of money and intention, Mackey has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TIME, Money, USA TODAY, Mint.com and Reader’s Digest, along with many other publications.

What’s Your Make or Break?

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What could make you? What could break you? Neither should be a straw on the camels back. A company’s Make-or-Break is the one thing your company must do exceptionally well in order to achieve its vision. Your Make-or-Break can be anything. Here are some examples: You are a manufacturing firm that sells your products through manufacturers’ representatives [...]

Open Book Management in 3 Easy Steps

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A 2016 Robert Half report found that 25% of privately held companies share all their financial information with their employees, an increase in 18% from just four years prior.[1] This trend demonstrates that financial transparency is moving from a fringe practice to a mainstream one . . . because it works! Choosing transparency builds a culture [...]

Plan Your Work Then Work Your Plan

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  After meeting with thousands of small-business owners in my career, my experience is that less than 2% of them have an annual plan. Yet when I ask clients what stands out about our work together, while each has a different laundry list, they all include the annual planning process as one of the most transformative [...]

Choosing the Greater of Two Goods

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Last year, I was helping Colleen, a new client, explore her company’s expansion into the craft brewery business. She had two location options, both of which were very lucrative. One was a dock from an abandoned grocery store—an ideal location for a local watering hole. This location was in Colleen’s hometown, and she could envision herself [...]

Your Intention Deserves Your Attention

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When I started my business, I also wanted to begin a family. I made a decision that my role as business owner would be flexible and secondary to my role as mom until my child was in kindergarten. My husband agreed with my intention, and I moved forward, building my business in my home office. By [...]

$545,000 In 9 Months Isn’t impossible

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My team at MACKEY™ took a business that was at a loss of $385,000 in April of that year and by the year end had a profit of $160,000. No, it wasn’t a loan. It wasn’t an unpredictable spike in the economy. It was the result of strategic implementation that was recommended by my team that resulted [...]

The Power of Asking a Stupid Question

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When you were young, your teacher said, “there are no stupid questions.”  You believed her once. Raised your hand and asked a question. Then at recess your classmates teased you unmercifully.  You made up your mind then and there, you were done with asking questions in public. Now you are an adult, a business owner.  You’ve [...]