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Lessons in Transparency from Dr. Christopher Turk

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I am a Scrubs fanatic. I have seen every episode at least 5 or 6 times. It is my blankie at night. I throw on whatever episode is next in the queue and giggle myself to sleep. I find myself seeing new things every time I re-watch the series, and last night was no exception. I [...]

How to Become a Savings Junkie in One Simple Step

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My mother was born a saver. It is in her DNA. To prove this let me share one of her stories:   “One of my favorite pastimes (when I was a little girl) was counting the change in my piggy bank. I always engaged in the ritual alone in my room. I would lie on my [...]

A Search for Cinderella

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We are a company of Cinderellas. Each of us is uniquely qualified for what our job entails, whether or not it is in our job description. Finding the team we have now was more luck than process. Part of that process was watching new employees come and go which was painful, uncomfortable, and demoralizing. But there [...]

Go Beyond Customer Service

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For those of you who don’t know what Hubspot is I will give you a very brief overview. Hubspot is a SAAS company that provides tools for inbound marketing success. We have been using the system for almost a year and I am happy with our results so far. When anyone in business hears the word [...]

Affordable Care Act Notification Penalty as of October 1, 2013

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Beginning October 1, 2013 any business with at least one employee and $500,000 in annual revenue must notify all employees by letter about the Affordable Care Act’s health-care exchanges, or face a fine up to $100 per day. This requirement applies to any business regulated under the Fair Labor Standards Act, regardless of size.  Going forward, [...]

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Why Climb a Ladder When You can Play on a Jungle Gym?

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I won't even lie! When I saw that Arianna Huffington was going to be a keynote speaker at Inbound 2013 I decided I had to go to Boston. It isn't very often that you get a chance to be in the presence of such an amazing, fierce and funny lady. Her words were full of wisdom [...]

The 3 Ways to Make Happier Money

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The one thing I did not expect when I attended HubSpot’s Inbound 2013 was to learn about prosperity, but I did just that. I sat in on a presentation by Elizabeth Dunn, a Professor of Psychology from Canada. She has spent her career studying the correlation between happiness and money. She knows so much about happy [...]

5 Marketing Metrics Every Business Should Be Tracking

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Last week I attended HubSpot's 2013 Inbound Conference in Boston, MA. I learned so many things that my head is still spinning, but I think that the biggest takeaway from the week for me was this simple statement (that hit me like a ton of bricks driving back at 1:30am from Dayton), Marketing is the Science [...]

Miss our Economic Update Webinar? Download now!

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Did you miss our 2nd Quarter economic update webinar? Well it is your lucky day! A free download is available now.  Overall, the U.S. Economy continues to improve but appears to have hit a soft patch.  Some leading indicators were fractionally positive, many stayed more or less the same and a few turned slightly negative.  Additionally, [...]

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