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Ask Mackey | Work & Passion

“Why are you here?” I asked.  The Fortune 500 Executive responded, “Because I am burnt out and exhausted.”  “The company keeps reducing our department and adding more work load to those of us that aren’t cut.”  “I am working sixty to eighty hours a week.”  “I want to find out how soon I can quit/retire.”

What about retirement?”  I asked the small business owner.  “I don’t want to retire.  I love what I do.”  “I want to be financially independent and not have to work, but I want to keep working.”  “I feel alive and energized by my job.”

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Author, speaker and fearless leader of the Prosperity People, Mackey McNeill is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to creating prosperity in the lives of her clients and within her community. She has merged over 30 years of expertise as a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist with her knowledge of internal alignment to create The Prosperity Experience: a planning program rooted in self discovery and financial self actualization. A sought after thought leader on the subjects of money and intention, Mackey has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TIME, Money, USA TODAY, and Reader’s Digest, along with many other publications.

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