My life was over the top busy.  I was a sin­gle Mom and had a busi­ness that demand­ed lots of my atten­tion.  Between mak­ing time for fam­i­ly and work, I had got­ten lost.  I as in me, myself , and I.

Like the slow move­ment of sand in an hour glass, the things that fed me per­son­al­ly like friends, spir­i­tu­al reflec­tion, phys­i­cal exer­cise, ade­quate rest and fun, had slow­ly eked out of my life.  I had long giv­en up jug­gling the con­flict­ing time demands of life and had set­tled instead for a life of work and fam­i­ly.       Find out more on our blog

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