Mon­ey. Fear. Like peanut but­ter and jel­ly, mon­ey and fear are com­pat­i­ble companions.

Of course mon­ey brings up feel­ings of fear.   Mon­ey is the clothes on your back and the roof over your head.  Mon­ey is the tool you use to meet your basic needs, like health care, shel­ter, food and cloth­ing as well as how you indulge.

Like a pair of pants that are too tight, fear makes you uncom­fort­able and look­ing for an out.  We try lots of things to avoid or neu­tral­ize finan­cial fear.  Those I see most often are:

  1. The Ostrich Approach
  2. Fast Action
  3. Giv­ing Away your Power
  4. Liv­ing Low


Let’s look at each one.  Find out more on our blog

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