Big goals without department and individual accountability systems to support them is poison to your culture. It creates a win/lose environment.  A negative culture is like a dirty river, nothing thrives in it.  It creates a ceiling or blind beyond which your company cannot achieve.  A positive culture uplifts everyone creating fresh energy and enthusiasm.  It builds momentum and brings everyone along together.

Solid accountability systems support a positive, uplifting culture.  Everyone thrives when they know what is required of them and what to expect.  Without accountability, your team becomes a group of victims, finger pointers, martyrs or all three. Someone on the team is always doing more than their fair share because what their fair share is isn’t clear.  Your team feels put upon or taken advantage of because expectations aren’t clear.

I often hear entrepreneurs say things like, “No one works as hard as I do.”  “No one cares about my company like I do.”  “I have to work longer and harder than everyone else because I am the leader.”  These realities are a direct result of unclear systems of department and individual accountability.