Big goals with­out depart­ment and indi­vid­ual account­abil­i­ty sys­tems to sup­port them is poi­son to your cul­ture. It cre­ates a win/lose envi­ron­ment.  A neg­a­tive cul­ture is like a dirty riv­er, noth­ing thrives in it.  It cre­ates a ceil­ing or blind beyond which your com­pa­ny can­not achieve.  A pos­i­tive cul­ture uplifts every­one cre­at­ing fresh ener­gy and enthu­si­asm.  It builds momen­tum and brings every­one along together.

Sol­id account­abil­i­ty sys­tems sup­port a pos­i­tive, uplift­ing cul­ture.  Every­one thrives when they know what is required of them and what to expect.  With­out account­abil­i­ty, your team becomes a group of vic­tims, fin­ger point­ers, mar­tyrs or all three. Some­one on the team is always doing more than their fair share because what their fair share is isn’t clear.  Your team feels put upon or tak­en advan­tage of because expec­ta­tions aren’t clear.

I often hear entre­pre­neurs say things like, “No one works as hard as I do.”  “No one cares about my com­pa­ny like I do.”  “I have to work longer and hard­er than every­one else because I am the leader.”  These real­i­ties are a direct result of unclear sys­tems of depart­ment and indi­vid­ual accountability.