Like many young women, I learned to cook watching my Mother.  By the time I left home, I was pretty good too. My love of cooking was fostered in two ways.  One, I loved to eat.  And two, there was nothing better in my book than sharing a meal with family and friends.  What I didn’t always enjoy so much was the preparation, especially if it involved knives.  Chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing weren’t my fav things.  With no other frame of reference, I set up my kitchen just like my Mother’s.  Same pots and pans, same kinds of dishes and serving pieces, same knives.

For years, these tools served me well, or so I thought.  Then I married my husband, Barry, and things got really interesting in my kitchen.  You see, Barry had been in sales his entire professional life.  And a large chunk of that time, he was a rep selling upscale kitchen gadgets to gourmet shops.

He had a gadget for everything.  And knives, boy did he have knives!  I had never seen so many knives.  All shapes and sizes.  As we cooked together, he was always correcting my use of knives. “Why are you using that knife?” or “That isn’t how you use that knife, it goes like this.”  It wasn’t long before I realized in the world of knives, I knew very little.  What was the difference in a chef knife, a paring knife and a slicing knife?  How could they help me and how do I use them correctly?

Thankfully, Barry was a good teacher.  Having the right knives and knowing how to use them properly made all the difference.  I no longer dreaded chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing.  I prepared meals faster and easier.  And my meals improved! What a difference the right tools and the knowledge to use them makes!

Just like a good set of knives and the knowledge to use them, transforms cooking from a chore to a fun and enjoyable experience.  A comprehensive financial management system, with the knowledge to use it, transforms a moderately successful business into a prosperous one.