Our brain is wired to be on alert to anything that threatens your survival.  The amygdala is an almond shaped sliver in the temporal lobe of your brain that is responsible for your primal emotions like rage, hate and fear.   It serves as your early warning system for danger.

Once stimulated, the amygdala becomes hyper vigilant.  Your fight or flight response turns on.  Your heart rates go up, nerves fire faster, eyes dilate, and your skin cools.  Once your amygdala is stimulated, it hunts for similar situations that reinforce the current threat.  Every time it finds evidence, the threat is reinforced and this keeps our fight of flight response in place.

The amygdala helped our ancestors survive in the jungle, where threats were ever present and often came by surprise.  But now in the modern world it can drive you crazy!  Your amygdala keeps you on high alert watching for anything that threatens your survival.  Money threatens your survival.  Without money, lots of bad things can happen, and it doesn’t take long to imagine them.  Money is a perfect attention getter for the amygdala.