Our brain is wired to be on alert to any­thing that threat­ens your sur­vival.  The amyg­dala is an almond shaped sliv­er in the tem­po­ral lobe of your brain that is respon­si­ble for your pri­mal emo­tions like rage, hate and fear.   It serves as your ear­ly warn­ing sys­tem for dan­ger.

Once stim­u­lat­ed, the amyg­dala becomes hyper vig­i­lant.  Your fight or flight response turns on.  Your heart rates go up, nerves fire faster, eyes dilate, and your skin cools.  Once your amyg­dala is stim­u­lat­ed, it hunts for sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tions that rein­force the cur­rent threat.  Every time it finds evi­dence, the threat is rein­forced and this keeps our fight of flight response in place.

The amyg­dala helped our ances­tors sur­vive in the jun­gle, where threats were ever present and often came by sur­prise.  But now in the mod­ern world it can dri­ve you crazy!  Your amyg­dala keeps you on high alert watch­ing for any­thing that threat­ens your sur­vival.  Mon­ey threat­ens your sur­vival.  With­out mon­ey, lots of bad things can hap­pen, and it doesn’t take long to imag­ine them.  Mon­ey is a per­fect atten­tion get­ter for the amyg­dala.