Opti­mism is essen­tial for an entre­pre­neur.  Your abil­i­ty to see pos­si­bil­i­ty pro­pels you into busi­ness. In tough times, it is what keeps you in the game.

As an opti­mist your atten­tion is on tomor­row, on the next oppor­tu­ni­ty, on the next win.  When real­i­ty con­flicts with your opti­mist view of the world, you choose your view.

Unchecked opti­mism is poten­tial­ly destruc­tive.  With­out a counter bal­ance, it can lead an entre­pre­neur down the path of your great­est fear, los­ing everything.

Data is essen­tial to every CFO.  There is no way to hide from the real­i­ty of data. Real is real.  When used appro­pri­ate­ly, finan­cial data is very ground­ing.  When used to excess, it is paralyzing.

Opti­mism and data are both dou­ble edge swords.  Too much of either is a slip­pery slope.  But when you bring opti­mism and data togeth­er, mag­ic hap­pens.  It cre­ates clear bound­aries for your deci­sions, expo­nen­tial­ly increas­ing your odds of a finan­cial win.