Optimism is essential for an entrepreneur.  Your ability to see possibility propels you into business. In tough times, it is what keeps you in the game.

As an optimist your attention is on tomorrow, on the next opportunity, on the next win.  When reality conflicts with your optimist view of the world, you choose your view.

Unchecked optimism is potentially destructive.  Without a counter balance, it can lead an entrepreneur down the path of your greatest fear, losing everything.

Data is essential to every CFO.  There is no way to hide from the reality of data. Real is real.  When used appropriately, financial data is very grounding.  When used to excess, it is paralyzing.

Optimism and data are both double edge swords.  Too much of either is a slippery slope.  But when you bring optimism and data together, magic happens.  It creates clear boundaries for your decisions, exponentially increasing your odds of a financial win.