Entrepreneurs are born with a “Fire Now” gene. The Ready and Aim of it all is lost on us.

The good news is we are wired for action.  The bad news is we often fail to think through the unintended consequences of our action or take the time to gain consensus with our team.

Some of us never learn to do it any differently.  We go through life creating chaos and putting out fires. Some of us find a new path.

My new path, the one that allowed me to harness my “fire now” gene, was strategic financial planning. It allowed me to keep the positives and balances the negatives through planning.

Originally, I thought it was all about the plan.  As an outcome junky, I loved the part of the plan with the 1, 3 and 5-year goals.  Something to work on. Something to use my “fire now” gene on.

The plan was important, but the planning process was critical. It was the deliberate unfolding of the what I considered to be the “soft” parts of the plan, like:

  • the Why of the business
  • the Who we serve
  • What we do
  • How we do it

It was the process of gaining consensus around the why, who, what and how that mattered most because they become the North Star for decision making.