It is easy to talk about accountability and responsibility when it relates to others.  When you turn the mirror on yourself, it can be painful.

Our cultural norms are to look outside of ourselves.  For validation, for blame, for comparison, for finding our place in the world.  But the power shift comes when we begin to look inside.  For you see, you cannot change anything or anyone, only yourself.

For years I complained about how my team (I called them my staff at that point in my business owner life which is telling) lacked accountability.  They lacked responsibility.  I had to micro manage, as they just would not step up.  The more I tried to adjust to fix them, the worse things got.

Then a few miracles came into my life.  They didn’t look like miracles at the time, they looked like difficult trials.  My experience is, that is what life gives you when you are too stubborn to learn the effortless way.  Life then gives you the hard way!  Humans change in one of two ways, very slowly over time or in crisis.  Well, I was in crisis.  With no other way out, I surrendered to change myself.