It is easy to talk about account­abil­i­ty and respon­si­bil­i­ty when it relates to oth­ers.  When you turn the mir­ror on your­self, it can be painful.

Our cul­tur­al norms are to look out­side of our­selves.  For val­i­da­tion, for blame, for com­par­i­son, for find­ing our place in the world.  But the pow­er shift comes when we begin to look inside.  For you see, you can­not change any­thing or any­one, only yourself.

For years I com­plained about how my team (I called them my staff at that point in my busi­ness own­er life which is telling) lacked account­abil­i­ty.  They lacked respon­si­bil­i­ty.  I had to micro man­age, as they just would not step up.  The more I tried to adjust to fix them, the worse things got.

Then a few mir­a­cles came into my life.  They didn’t look like mir­a­cles at the time, they looked like dif­fi­cult tri­als.  My expe­ri­ence is, that is what life gives you when you are too stub­born to learn the effort­less way.  Life then gives you the hard way!  Humans change in one of two ways, very slow­ly over time or in cri­sis.  Well, I was in cri­sis.  With no oth­er way out, I sur­ren­dered to change myself.