At Mack­ey Advi­sors we have been on a path of learn­ing how to see our ser­vices through the eyes of our clients. This 180-degree change in per­spec­tive seems like a sim­ple shift to dis­sect, how­ev­er, our expe­ri­ence has been com­plete­ly the opposite.

We’ve hired con­sul­tants, fol­lowed the advice of mul­ti­ple guru’s, engaged a process approach, and while all these things moved us inch­es for­ward, we didn’t get the leap we want­ed.  We weren’t there yet.

Then last fall we had a new event.  It was a sim­ple agen­da where I pre­viewed our ser­vices after which 3 clients shared can­did­ly about their expe­ri­ence with Mack­ey Advi­sors.  We gave all 3 the same directions:

  • Speak for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Share your experiences
  • Be authen­tic

They did, and what they shared wasn’t what any of the Mack­ey Advi­sors team expect­ed. We were all prac­ti­cal­ly speech­less, in a good way.  The heart felt shar­ing took our breath away.

A few months lat­er we were work­ing with our Aileron Busi­ness Advi­sor, shar­ing the event with him.  He hopped up and got very excit­ed.  “Do you ana­lyze what goes wrong?” he asked.  Yes, until the cows come home was the answer Sarah Grace and I gave him.  “What about the good stuff?”  “Do you dis­sect it to find the gold­en nuggets?”  We both went silent.  No, we appre­ci­at­ed the good stuff, but we rarely spent time dig­ging into it.

With our advi­sors help, we looked deeply at what our clients shared.  As we did, we found the voice of our cus­tomer.  We had acci­den­tal­ly dis­cov­ered the answer to our deep­est ques­tion 3 months earlier!