Do you want to meet or exceed your company goals?  Then you have got to Get Rhythm!

Johnny Cash sang about rhythm in his famous song, Get Rhythm.  It starts out, “Get Rhythm when you get the blues.”  Even better, get rhythm and avoid the blues!

I have always been a proponent of setting big goals. In my early years in business, I set big goals, and often, way too often, didn’t meet those goals.  Each time I failed I would get a big case of the blues, and so would my team. Yikes! Failure is no fun.  It was demoralizing, and it took away our momentum.  Instead of smooth, continuous progress, we had to pick ourselves back up and start again. Something was missing.  While there were contributing factors, the most important was that I had failed to put our company, division and individual goals to rhythm.

So why does rhythm matter?  It captures and reinforces where we place our Attention. Energy flows where attention goes.  On a daily basis, each team member is busy getting their job done.  Putting the company and their personal goals into a reporting rhythm captures their attention.  Where attention goes, energy flows.  Energy to integrate change, create movement and drive results.