Stop making new year’s resolutions.  Start expanding joy. One simple idea to make more of every year.

New year’s resolutions are just a way to look back on your year and feel bad.  In our excitement you over-commit, and before long it is February and you feel terrible about all the things you did once, or twice and then quit.  Don’t make yourself a quitter.  Instead, become a chooser.

Commit to change the way you choose to spend your time. Be choosy with your time.

You can bank your money, but not your time.  Time requires no action to spend, it spends itself.  You have a finite amount of time, and you never know exactly how much.  Unlike money, you do nothing to earn it.  Time is free. It really fits the phrase “easy come, easy go” whether you want that or not!

For closely held business owners, your most valuable resource is your time. How you choose to use this valuable resource determines the profitability of your business, the value of your business and the quality of your life.  In other words, a lot rests on how you choose to spend your time! The amount of time you get each day isn’t changeable, but how you spend it is.