Stop mak­ing new year’s res­o­lu­tions.  Start expand­ing joy. One sim­ple idea to make more of every year.

New year’s res­o­lu­tions are just a way to look back on your year and feel bad.  In our excite­ment you over-com­mit, and before long it is Feb­ru­ary and you feel ter­ri­ble about all the things you did once, or twice and then quit.  Don’t make your­self a quit­ter.  Instead, become a chooser.

Com­mit to change the way you choose to spend your time. Be choosy with your time.

You can bank your mon­ey, but not your time.  Time requires no action to spend, it spends itself.  You have a finite amount of time, and you nev­er know exact­ly how much.  Unlike mon­ey, you do noth­ing to earn it.  Time is free. It real­ly fits the phrase “easy come, easy go” whether you want that or not!

For close­ly held busi­ness own­ers, your most valu­able resource is your time. How you choose to use this valu­able resource deter­mines the prof­itabil­i­ty of your busi­ness, the val­ue of your busi­ness and the qual­i­ty of your life.  In oth­er words, a lot rests on how you choose to spend your time! The amount of time you get each day isn’t change­able, but how you spend it is.