The New Year is a nat­ur­al time for reflec­tion and goal set­ting.  Per­haps 2017 was so excit­ing you raised the bar on what you now believe is pos­si­ble.  Or per­haps 2017 was filled with chal­lenges and you are relieved it is over.  Regard­less of your expe­ri­ence, the turn­ing of the clock gives you a chance to renew, review, and choose again.

For your 2018 goals to become a real­i­ty, you’ve got to break down your big goals into small, week­ly or dai­ly, pieces.  When set­ting goals just for your­self, the par­ty of one, that can be hard enough. But when trans­lat­ing your com­pa­ny wide goals into week­ly or dai­ly pieces for every­one on your team, that can quick­ly become an over­whelm­ing task.

To make it eas­i­er, let’s begin with the end in mind.