It’s a scary time. The novel coronavirus.  The government ordered shut down of schools and businesses. Massive unemployment. Social unrest. Remote everything. Change is in the air. It’s not the kind of change that is happening to someone else, it is personal, shifting your daily life in numerous ways.

Change creates uncertainty. It can feel like the ground beneath your feet is moving. Where do you go to find certainty? Stability? Peace?


There are two possibilities for where we are today. You are in the tomb. You are being buried and this is the end.  You are in the womb, ready to be born anew.

What you believe about where you are is a choice. From that choice, womb, or tomb, you will walk through your life. This choice will give you one of two very opposite world views.  Choose wisely.

From the darkness of the tomb, to escape the fear you shut down, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or maybe even physically. From the womb, you can seize the fear of the dark, convert it to the energy of rebirth and enter a time of extraordinary creativity, opportunity, and expansion in your life.

I choose the womb. I ask you to consider coming with me.

The path of rebirth calls us to look into our hearts and live inside out. I feel like I have been preparing for this time all my life. My heart, your heart, our hearts, hold our inner and collective wisdom.  Our inner knowing is our strength.  It is a guidance system that never breaks down and is never confused.  Now more than ever, we are called to find it and follow it.

My heart calls for a greener, less polluted, and more conscious relationship with my home, our home, this beautiful earth. To nurture her as she nurtures me. That plays out in my life as:

  1. local food, so local in fact, that is it in my backyard

  2. solar panels providing 100% of my energy

  3. investing in companies that are moving to a carbon-neutral footprint

  4. purchasing green products

  5. all the basics of recycling, reusing, tree planting, avoiding pesticides, composting and more

As the business owner of the companies, MACKEY, and The Prosperity People, it means our team will continue to help business owners and individuals find their hearts calling. To help you find your own, very personal, way of walking through the world inside out and to live that in your business, in your life, and with your money.

Right now, ask yourself, what is your heart’s calling? What will you choose?

I’d love to have a dialog with you about your choices.  Post your thoughts here, and/or email me at