Analyzing the Good Stuff

//Analyzing the Good Stuff

Analyzing the Good Stuff

When I set a clear intention, the universe always conspires with me to help me create it.  That’s the good news.  The other news is the help often comes where I am least expecting it.

At Mackey Advisors we have been on a path of learning how to see our services through the eyes of our clients. This 180-degree change in perspective seems like a simple shift to dissect, however, our experience has been completely the opposite.

We’ve hired consultants, followed the advice of multiple guru’s, engaged a process approach, and while all these things moved us inches forward, we didn’t get the leap we wanted.  We weren’t there yet.

Then last fall we had a new event.  It was a simple agenda where I previewed our services after which 3 clients shared candidly about their experience with Mackey Advisors.  We gave all 3 the same directions:

  • Speak for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Share your experiences
  • Be authentic

They did, and what they shared wasn’t what any of the Mackey Advisors team expected. We were all practically speechless, in a good way.  The heart felt sharing took our breath away.

A few months later we were working with our Aileron Business Advisor, sharing the event with him.  He hopped up and got very excited.  “Do you analyze what goes wrong?” he asked.  Yes, until the cows come home was the answer Sarah Grace and I gave him.  “What about the good stuff?”  “Do you dissect it to find the golden nuggets?”  We both went silent.  No, we appreciated the good stuff, but we rarely spent time digging into it.

With our advisors help, we looked deeply at what our clients shared.  As we did, we found the voice of our customer.  We had accidentally discovered the answer to our deepest question 3 months earlier!

Circling back to my starting point, our intention was clear, and the universe had delivered.  But we had missed it!  My propensity to analyze and correct flaws, rather than build and expand on strengths has kept my attention focused away from the answer.

It was a big day, filled with new awareness’s and re-focusing us on important past learning:

  • Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see something that is right in front of us
  • Analyze the good stuff. It feels good and it is filled with golden nuggets
  • Build on your strengths for they will propel you to the next level.

Every week good stuff happens.  I would love to hear your experiences of finding the gold in your good stuff. Or simply share your good news. In today’s world of negativity, we can all use it!

Write me at or reach me at 859-331-7755 ext. 103.

About the Author:

Author, speaker and fearless leader of the Prosperity People, Mackey McNeill is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to creating prosperity in the lives of her clients and within her community. She has merged over 30 years of expertise as a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist with her knowledge of internal alignment to create The Prosperity Experience: a planning program rooted in self discovery and financial self actualization. A sought after thought leader on the subjects of money and intention, Mackey has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TIME, Money, USA TODAY, and Reader’s Digest, along with many other publications.

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