Best­selling author, Sue Monk Kidd said in a recent inter­view with Brene Brown on her pod­cast, Unlock­ing Us, “Every per­son has their own par­tic­u­lar genius, that is their large­ness, that is unique to them. Bring­ing it forth is a life’s work… It’s fright­en­ing to think of hav­ing this part of our­selves, this mag­ni­tude, this pas­sion in our­selves… Bring­ing forth your large­ness is a gift to the world.”

When peo­ple ask me why I love my job, I respond with “I’m in love with entre­pre­neurs”, and I go on to inelo­quent­ly try to explain why. After lis­ten­ing to this pod­cast, it became clear. I love entre­pre­neurs because there are bring­ing forth their large­ness. They are being big and bold and brave. They are active­ly try­ing to give a gift to the world.

How­ev­er, often when a busi­ness own­er comes in to speak with us, they are small. They have got­ten so bogged down in the day-to-day that they have lost sight of their large­ness. They’ve lost sight of their pas­sion, and who can blame them!  There is an over­whelm­ing amount of minu­tia that must be man­aged to cre­ate & sus­tain a suc­cess­ful business.

If you’ve lost sight of your large­ness and lost your way in bring­ing it into the world, here are a few things to con­sid­er to get you back there.

  1. Find your Cir­cle of Suc­cess. No man (or woman) is an island. We all need peo­ple around to sup­port us and help hold us accountable.
  2. Use our Sat­is­fac­tion Inven­to­ry to look at what areas of your life & busi­ness may be mak­ing you small.
  3. Down­load our Take Back Your Time whitepa­per to work on cre­at­ing struc­tures that sup­port your largeness
  4. Start a self-care prac­tice. Jour­nal­ing, yoga, med­i­ta­tion, walk­ing with your favorite pod­cast (a per­son­al fav) or take up a craft like cross stitch­ing (a new per­son­al fav)
  5. Take a crit­i­cal look at your key lead­er­ship team. Are they sup­port­ing you in the right way? What edu­ca­tion or train­ing do they need to reach their full potential?
  6. Go back to the begin­ning. What was the spark? What made you take the leap and become a busi­ness own­er? Do you still make time for this part of the busi­ness, and if not, how can you make it a priority?

Sue Monk Kidd, and I, both believe that every­one on the plan­et is a cre­ative force and that we “long for the free­dom to bring forth the large­ness in our­selves.” So, what is mak­ing you small?