Bestselling author, Sue Monk Kidd said in a recent interview with Brene Brown on her podcast, Unlocking Us, “Every person has their own particular genius, that is their largeness, that is unique to them. Bringing it forth is a life’s work… It’s frightening to think of having this part of ourselves, this magnitude, this passion in ourselves… Bringing forth your largeness is a gift to the world.”

When people ask me why I love my job, I respond with “I’m in love with entrepreneurs”, and I go on to ineloquently try to explain why. After listening to this podcast, it became clear. I love entrepreneurs because there are bringing forth their largeness. They are being big and bold and brave. They are actively trying to give a gift to the world.

However, often when a business owner comes in to speak with us, they are small. They have gotten so bogged down in the day-to-day that they have lost sight of their largeness. They’ve lost sight of their passion, and who can blame them!  There is an overwhelming amount of minutia that must be managed to create & sustain a successful business.

If you’ve lost sight of your largeness and lost your way in bringing it into the world, here are a few things to consider to get you back there.

  1. Find your Circle of Success. No man (or woman) is an island. We all need people around to support us and help hold us accountable.
  2. Use our Satisfaction Inventory to look at what areas of your life & business may be making you small.
  3. Download our Take Back Your Time whitepaper to work on creating structures that support your largeness
  4. Start a self-care practice. Journaling, yoga, meditation, walking with your favorite podcast (a personal fav) or take up a craft like cross stitching (a new personal fav)
  5. Take a critical look at your key leadership team. Are they supporting you in the right way? What education or training do they need to reach their full potential?
  6. Go back to the beginning. What was the spark? What made you take the leap and become a business owner? Do you still make time for this part of the business, and if not, how can you make it a priority?

Sue Monk Kidd, and I, both believe that everyone on the planet is a creative force and that we “long for the freedom to bring forth the largeness in ourselves.” So, what is making you small?