Our work lives can be pretty hectic at times.  We have all been there.  It is very easy to let ourselves get caught up in the day to day tasks and never step back to take a look at the bigger picture. While day to day operations are very important, this is only a piece of the puzzle.  Instead of working in the business every day, like most business owners, there has to be time to work on the business.

Put simply, a business is a tool.  It is a tool that is supposed to help the owner live a prosperous life.  However, too often the business owners end up working for the business instead of the business working for them.  This is when you need to take a step back, define where you want to be based on your intention, and then develop action plans in your business to help you get there.

An intention is unique to each person. The idea is that this is something that you are passionate about and creates happiness in your life. Write it down. Post it somewhere visible so you can stay focused. If it doesn’t excite you, then it is not your intention. You have to be committed to achieving it.  Some people want to build the business so that they can provide a comfortable life for their family. Others want to be able to not work as much, but instead travel and explore the world.  Others want to give back to the community.  Whatever your intention, this needs to be the underlying focus of every action you take and decision you make.

You can then begin to ask yourself, what do I really need to do with the business to achieve my intention?  Do I have a team that can help me build the business to where I need it to be?  What cash flows will the business need?  If I take these actions, will it ultimately help me achieve my intention, or is it just a distraction?

As you stay focused on what really matters in your business, your intention becomes real.  You start living life in prosperity.  What is holding you back from taking the first step to a prosperous life?