“No prob­lem can be solved from the same lev­el of con­scious­ness that cre­at­ed it.” ~ Albert Einstein

In my sec­ond year in busi­ness and I decid­ed it was time to get seri­ous and set some goals for the com­ing year.  I set a rev­enue goal of $70,000.  It seemed like a far­fetched idea at the time because the year before I had grossed $25,000.  Nev­er­the­less, I sus­pend­ed judg­ment of whether it was rea­son­able, pos­si­ble or like­ly.  It was what I want­ed to achieve, so that is where I set my sights.

Next, I made a list of all the clients I already had and those I was in con­ver­sa­tion with and esti­mat­ed how much busi­ness I would like­ly engage with them in the com­ing year.  That totaled $34,000.  I then wrote in on my list, “New clients” $36,000.

As the year pro­gressed, each time I spoke with a prospect or a client and was asked to do a small project for them, I wrote the esti­mate of the fee on my list and reduced by “new client” goal to the dif­fer­ence between my known and unknown sources of income.   I prac­ticed grat­i­tude for all that came and I looked for ways to add val­ue with each engagement.

At the end of the year I grossed just over $72,000. 

This was my first big busi­ness goal and I was so very proud to have achieved it!  As the years have pro­gressed, I have set many goals.  I have achieved some and missed some.

I have also become more pol­ished in my abil­i­ties as a CEO.  Becom­ing a bet­ter leader, a more capa­ble men­tor, improv­ing my tech­ni­cal skills and assim­i­lat­ing many oth­er best prac­tices along the way.

Yet when I boil down all my learn­ing, when it comes to set­ting and achiev­ing goals, what has worked for me is a pret­ty sim­ple formula.

Set the goal + Believe you can achieve it + Prac­tice grat­i­tude + Focus on giv­ing more than you are getting.


Let’s look at each piece.

Set the goal:

Start with what you want to achieve.  Sounds sim­ple enough, but so often we just start by pick­ing a num­ber.  Desire is 50% of achiev­ing any­thing so begin there.  Turn your goal(s) into a pic­ture in your mind. 

Believe you can achieve it:

When­ev­er I stretch myself, the first thing that my mind does is begin the chat­ter of self doubt.  Noth­ing is more dan­ger­ous to a goal that neg­a­tive think­ing.  Take con­trol of your self talk.  Let go of the doubts that arise and replace them with pos­i­tive, present tense, state­ments about your goal.

Prac­tice gratitude:

No mat­ter what comes, prac­tice grat­i­tude.  If a chal­lenge comes, see it as an obsta­cle to be removed so you can achieve you goal, then go about deal­ing with it.  When new busi­ness comes, don’t judge whether it is enough or not, bless it.  Make grat­i­tude more than a prayer; make it a way of being.

Focus on giv­ing more than you are getting:

Set your inten­tion to give more than you get.  Ask your cus­tomers and clients how else you can serve them.  Be open to new ideas. Improve your process­es, engage your team and be mind­ful of deliv­er­ing val­ue.  Good things come to those who give. 

As you set your per­son­al and busi­ness goals for the com­ing year, try out this sim­ple for­mu­la.  Please write or call and tell me how it works for you.