Here are my tips for a more positive, joyful and prosperous 2013.

  1. Reflect on your success in 2012.   Success begets success.  When you focus on the positive, you naturally create more.  Small wins keep you going, particularly in times of stress.  Find the good!
  2. Use the My Money Checklist tool to discover 1 or 2 new habits to incorporate into your money life.    Bring your choice to life my choosing when and where you will do it.  For example, if you choose to hold a weekly money meeting with your partner, set a date and time on the calendar.
  3. Update your financial plan.  Planning is an important tool to set a course for prosperity.  Putting a plan in place and never looking at it is a complete waste of time and energy.  A plan has to be alive to be useful.   Make your plan a living part of your life by checking-in with it periodically. 
  4. Use The Prosperity Index to inventory your strengths and weaknesses.  Choose no more than 3 areas you would like to improve upon in 2013.   Set aside time to develop your course of action for each area.   Do you need time to do research?  A book from the library?  Find a community college course? Or a professional resource?  Look at the areas you want to improve and choose your next step.
  5. Review your elections before your first paycheck of the year.  Take the maximum benefit of your 401k, Health Savings Plan or Cafeteria plan.  Your best tax savings strategies always include the legal ways to report less income.  Take advantage of those opportunities.
  6. Find 3 simple ways to make your spending more purposeful.  If you are like most of us, you have some goals you haven’t achieved.  How can you reduce spending on things that aren’t critical and redirect those funds to what is important?  By making different choices every day.   Read this quick post on how to reduce your spending effortlessly:
  7. Increase or start saving.  Saving for retirement is important AND saving to expand the joy in our lives is important too!   Creating a savings habit gives you life choices and keeps you out of crisis.  Here are a few ideas:  Save your change at the end of the day.  Have a few dollars sent directly to savings from each paycheck.  Set up an auto draft from your checking to savings account.   
  8. Make giving a purposeful habit.  My favorite way to give is to set up a routine with each paycheck to reflect on this question “What was the source of my spiritual food this last period and how do I choose to share my abundance?”  Find a routine of giving that works for you and make note of the impact it has on your heart and capacity for joy.