Are you hop­ing or plan­ning for a pros­per­ous life?  Here is the per­spec­tive and method you need to plan, exe­cute and enjoy a pros­per­ous life.

Many peo­ple whine about not hav­ing pros­per­i­ty.  Play­ing the vic­tim does gain us lis­ten­ers and sym­pa­thy (and makes good head­lines).  A Wall Street Jour­nal head­line, The Econ­o­my Stole my Retire­ment has hit my inbox 3 times since it was pub­lished 8 days ago. The main rea­son peo­ple fail to achieve a pros­per­ous life isn’t the econ­o­my, it is plan­ning and exe­cu­tion. 

Does pros­per­i­ty hap­pen to you?  Or do you cre­ate it?   As Jim Collins points out in Great by Choice, We can­not pre­dict the future.  But we can cre­ate it.

I choose pros­per­i­ty.  I chart my plan and hold myself account­able to it.  Here are the tips that will assure me of suc­cess.

  1. Engage your emo­tions.   It’s your pas­sions and desires that give you the ener­gy to suc­ceed.  If your goals are not aligned with your pas­sion, then the actions required to achieve your goals will be like the chores you hat­ed as a kid rather, than the excit­ing steps to achiev­ing your goals.  Like Jil­lian Michaels says, “If you have a why, you can endure any how”. When you align your­self with your pas­sion, the jour­ney is joy­ful and ful­fill­ing.
  2. Be hon­est.  Many of us are in part­ner­ship through mar­riage, busi­ness, or liv­ing arrange­ments with a sig­nif­i­cant oth­er.  This makes them a part­ner in your pros­per­i­ty.  It is often eas­i­er to say what you think your part­ner wants to hear rather than be clear, direct and hon­est.  Each par­ty has to be true to his or her own desires, and deserves to have their wants and needs respect­ed in the rela­tion­ship.
  3. Be bold.. and achiev­able.  You want to make the best out of every asset you own.  Assum­ing a 20% return on your close­ly-held busi­ness might be rea­son­able, but not like­ly achiev­able each year.  Your busi­ness might sell for 10 times it’s earn­ings, but more like­ly 3 to 5.   Go for the bold and set your spend­ing plan for the clear­ly achiev­able.  Any­thing above your plan is gravy and cre­ates an oppor­tu­ni­ty for a fun choice in your life.
  4. Choose thoughts that sup­port you.  Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich in 1937.  It is as rel­e­vant (and a bit chau­vin­is­tic in tone) today as it was then.  One of his most famous quotes is:  What­ev­er the mind can con­ceive and believe, the mind can achieve.  To be pros­per­ous you must think pros­per­ous thoughts.  For me this often involves refram­ing.  Instead of, ‘I can’t believe I made that mis­take’, I try, ‘Thanks for the great les­son,  I am glad it’s behind me’.
  5. Avoid the “trust me” scam.  It doesn’t mat­ter how much you think you know some­one, or how much you respect the per­son who referred you.  If some­one is promis­ing a risk free, above mar­ket return, run, do not walk, to the near­est exit.   Every scam­mer out there relies on you to put your faith in them rather than in your­self.  Trust your instincts, do your research, and build your plan with hon­est, trans­par­ent advi­sors.
  6. Be spe­cif­ic and mea­sur­able.  If you don’t know where you are going, any path can get you there.  If instead, you are choos­ing to be pros­per­ous, the only path is to get clear about what that looks like for you.  Pros­per­i­ty is per­son­al, so nat­u­ral­ly, the goals and steps to pros­per­i­ty are as unique and indi­vid­ual as you are.
  7. Set a clear inten­tion.  There is no more pow­er­ful exer­cise than to write a pros­per­i­ty inten­tion state­ment.  Before you can achieve any­thing, you must first intend it.  My pros­per­i­ty inten­tion is:  I cre­ate wealth for myself and oth­ers.  I mod­el sus­tain­abil­i­ty.  I live in con­cert and dance with nature.  I con­tribute.  Once your inten­tion is clear,  choic­es are eas­i­er.  When I am fuzzy on a deci­sion, I ask myself,  which choice sup­ports my inten­tion?  This ques­tion always brings imme­di­ate clar­i­ty.


Note: If you’re inter­est­ed in learn­ing more about this process, con­tact me.  I can share more specifics and tools through our upcom­ing webi­na­rs and sem­i­nars.  Ready to be pros­per­ous?  Don’t hope for it:  intend,  plan, exe­cute… and enjoy.