I was in the midst of chang­ing my busi­ness mod­el from a CPA firm to what we are today, The Pros­per­i­ty Peo­ple.  It was the right change for me and the right move for the busi­ness, yet leav­ing every­thing I knew and depend­ed on to cre­ate some­thing new was scary. No, more than scary, it was terrifying.

I was a sin­gle mother/ bread­win­ner and there wasn’t a fall­back posi­tion.   My safe­ty net was me. I had to make this work. I had to go with­in and trust my inner wis­dom on this jour­ney.  If I tru­ly believed in my dream it was my only path.  I had a burn­ing desire, a fam­i­ly to sup­port and a big dream.  So what did I decide?  I took a leap of faith.

My biggest fear was that this change would be a short or long term finan­cial dis­as­ter.  It would have been easy to fall into that pool of fear.  A tail­spin of “what ifs” beck­oned. I devel­oped an affir­ma­tion to avoid my thoughts going down the “you are going to be home­less any moment” rab­bit hole. It became one of the most pow­er­ful tools I used to sup­port my tran­si­tion from CPA to the fear­less leader of The Pros­per­i­ty Peo­ple.

“I am wild­ly prosperous.”

I sur­round­ed myself with my new affir­ma­tion.  I wroimageste it on a piece of paper and taped it to the top of my bath­room mir­ror.  I wrote it on the note­book I car­ried with me to appoint­ments.  I devel­oped ini­tials for my affir­ma­tion, IAWP, and used them every chance I could.  I put it right next to my screen so every time I looked at my com­put­er, which was often on, I saw “I am wild­ly prosperous”.

See­ing my affir­ma­tion and say­ing it over and over, some­times out loud and some­times just inside my head, kept me in the pos­i­tive. It kept my thoughts and actions focused on what I need­ed to do to cre­ate my dream.  Most impor­tant­ly it kept me out of the pool of fear that was ever present, wait­ing, some­times invit­ing, me to fall in.  As I con­tin­ued to focus my atten­tion on my affir­ma­tion, the pool of fear became small­er and small­er.  Some days it was hard­ly notice­able, and oth­ers days it would be right by my side again.  I per­sist­ed.  One day the pool dried up.

Affir­ma­tions alone don’t cre­ate change.  You can’t sit on your sofa and affirm your way to a new car, new rela­tion­ship or a new job.  Action is required. How­ev­er, the right affir­ma­tion acts like a sup­port sys­tem to your actions, by align­ing your thoughts with your new cre­ation. To cre­ate any­thing new, you have to believe you can.  And you have to begin from where you are today.  Affir­ma­tions are great tools on the jour­ney with one big if.  They must be prop­er­ly crafted.

There are four ele­ments to con­sid­er in writ­ing your life chang­ing affirmation:

  1. You are the only per­son you can change. Your thoughts are the only ones that you con­trol.  Your affir­ma­tion needs to begin with “I” or refers to “me”.  It’s about you, and what you want to cre­ate in the world.
  2. Make it short and to the point. Short and sweet is easy to remem­ber.  If you make it a long com­pound sen­tence you’ll spend more time think­ing, “now what was my affir­ma­tion”?, than you will in repeat­ing it.
  3. Make it a pos­i­tive tone. Use strong words that invoke emo­tion.  Avoid words like try, or should, or maybe.
  4. Affir­ma­tions are always in the present tense. That may seem odd, since what­ev­er you want to cre­ate isn’t hap­pen­ing, but remem­ber you are align­ing your thoughts.  You always live in the present moment, so affirm what you want your present moment to look like.


Here are a few exam­ples of affir­ma­tions that aren’t helpful:

Affir­ma­tion Why it doesn’t work
I hope that tomor­row is better Hope isn’t a strong tone and tomor­row nev­er comes
You make me happy No one else can make you hap­py, that is an inside job
I will try to get a new job Try­ing is not doing and it’s not powerful
I bring peace, pros­per­i­ty, joy, love, and hap­pi­ness into my life It’s in the future and it is too long

Here are some exam­ples of strong affirmations:

  • Joy is my con­stant companion
  • My work ignites my passion
  • I pros­per with grace and ease
  • My life is a celebration
  • I am nur­tured by my relationships

I know I have the right affir­ma­tion for me when it makes me feel gid­dy.  If I feel like a five year old full of pos­si­bil­i­ty and spon­tane­ity, then it is the right affir­ma­tion for me, right now.

Think of an affir­ma­tion as a per­son­al tag line for your life. Does it make you feel con­tent or joy­ous? Does it give you a vision for your life that is so excit­ing that you will walk past the pool of fear with a smile on your face?

Affir­ma­tions are free and easy to do.  If you dis­cov­er you have the wrong one, you can always change it.  Affir­ma­tions sup­port and nur­ture your­self through any life tran­si­tion or change.

Big dreams require big shifts in think­ing, behav­ior and atti­tudes.  Give your big dreams a boost, right now at this very moment, by tak­ing a few min­utes to write your life chang­ing affir­ma­tion. Then go dance in celebration!

In joy,