I was in the midst of changing my business model from a CPA firm to what we are today, The Prosperity People.  It was the right change for me and the right move for the business, yet leaving everything I knew and depended on to create something new was scary. No, more than scary, it was terrifying.

I was a single mother/ breadwinner and there wasn’t a fallback position.   My safety net was me. I had to make this work. I had to go within and trust my inner wisdom on this journey.  If I truly believed in my dream it was my only path.  I had a burning desire, a family to support and a big dream.  So what did I decide?  I took a leap of faith.

My biggest fear was that this change would be a short or long term financial disaster.  It would have been easy to fall into that pool of fear.  A tailspin of “what ifs” beckoned. I developed an affirmation to avoid my thoughts going down the “you are going to be homeless any moment” rabbit hole. It became one of the most powerful tools I used to support my transition from CPA to the fearless leader of The Prosperity People.

“I am wildly prosperous.”

I surrounded myself with my new affirmation.  I wroimageste it on a piece of paper and taped it to the top of my bathroom mirror.  I wrote it on the notebook I carried with me to appointments.  I developed initials for my affirmation, IAWP, and used them every chance I could.  I put it right next to my screen so every time I looked at my computer, which was often on, I saw “I am wildly prosperous”.

Seeing my affirmation and saying it over and over, sometimes out loud and sometimes just inside my head, kept me in the positive. It kept my thoughts and actions focused on what I needed to do to create my dream.  Most importantly it kept me out of the pool of fear that was ever present, waiting, sometimes inviting, me to fall in.  As I continued to focus my attention on my affirmation, the pool of fear became smaller and smaller.  Some days it was hardly noticeable, and others days it would be right by my side again.  I persisted.  One day the pool dried up.

Affirmations alone don’t create change.  You can’t sit on your sofa and affirm your way to a new car, new relationship or a new job.  Action is required. However, the right affirmation acts like a support system to your actions, by aligning your thoughts with your new creation. To create anything new, you have to believe you can.  And you have to begin from where you are today.  Affirmations are great tools on the journey with one big if.  They must be properly crafted.

There are four elements to consider in writing your life changing affirmation:

  1. You are the only person you can change. Your thoughts are the only ones that you control.  Your affirmation needs to begin with “I” or refers to “me”.  It’s about you, and what you want to create in the world.
  2. Make it short and to the point. Short and sweet is easy to remember.  If you make it a long compound sentence you’ll spend more time thinking, “now what was my affirmation”?, than you will in repeating it.
  3. Make it a positive tone. Use strong words that invoke emotion.  Avoid words like try, or should, or maybe.
  4. Affirmations are always in the present tense. That may seem odd, since whatever you want to create isn’t happening, but remember you are aligning your thoughts.  You always live in the present moment, so affirm what you want your present moment to look like.


Here are a few examples of affirmations that aren’t helpful:

Affirmation Why it doesn’t work
I hope that tomorrow is better Hope isn’t a strong tone and tomorrow never comes
You make me happy No one else can make you happy, that is an inside job
I will try to get a new job Trying is not doing and it’s not powerful
I bring peace, prosperity, joy, love, and happiness into my life It’s in the future and it is too long

Here are some examples of strong affirmations:

  • Joy is my constant companion
  • My work ignites my passion
  • I prosper with grace and ease
  • My life is a celebration
  • I am nurtured by my relationships

I know I have the right affirmation for me when it makes me feel giddy.  If I feel like a five year old full of possibility and spontaneity, then it is the right affirmation for me, right now.

Think of an affirmation as a personal tag line for your life. Does it make you feel content or joyous? Does it give you a vision for your life that is so exciting that you will walk past the pool of fear with a smile on your face?

Affirmations are free and easy to do.  If you discover you have the wrong one, you can always change it.  Affirmations support and nurture yourself through any life transition or change.

Big dreams require big shifts in thinking, behavior and attitudes.  Give your big dreams a boost, right now at this very moment, by taking a few minutes to write your life changing affirmation. Then go dance in celebration!

In joy,