Even if you are not a tree hugger chances are you have still purchased some reusable shopping bags.  I have, and I’m a little addicted to collecting them.  Reusable shopping bags are a small but easy way for me to help out the planet, right?  NOPE, want to know why?  Because, I never EVER remember to bring them on my shopping excursions.

So like all the other wannabe green do gooders with a hint of forgetfulness I have a mountain of plastic bags in my house.  Using my Kroger bags as trash can liners wasn’t getting rid of them fast enough, so I headed to my trusty iMac to search the web.  Below are some of the simple, innovative and wacky ways I found to reuse those pesky plastic bags.



  1. Use your plastic shopping bags as trash liners
  2. Use plastic bags instead of packing peanuts to protect fragile items during shipping.
  3. Protect fragile holiday decorations for storing with plastic bags
  4. Transport wet swim suits or clothing with used plastic bags
  5. Protect your car by putting your dirty hiking boots in a plastic bag for the trip home
  6. Store puzzles or other items with small parts using plastic bags so the pieces won’t get lost
  7. Keep a plastic bag on the kitchen counter for easy cleanup while cleaning and peeling fruits and vegetables
  8. Take the bags back to the store and reuse them for your new groceries or purchases
  9. Use the grocery bags to pack a lunch. 
  10. Use plastic bags as a cutting board when trimming meat or cutting up other messy items



  1. Wrap your socked feet in plastic bags before putting on goulashes or boots for more moisture protection.
  2. When gloves are not close at hand use a plastic bag.  They make a great substitute!
  3. Instead of buying pooper scooper bags use those plastic bags stuffed under the sink.
  4. Use sturdy plastic bags as kitty litter box liners.  This makes clean up a cinch!!
  5. Plastic bags can be handy in the garden to collect and dispose of weeds.  Or as temporary pots for vegetation that needs to be planted
  6. Line paint trays with plastic bags before pouring in the paint
  7. Use a clean bag as a non-stick surface for rolling out dough while baking
  8. Cut a slit in the bottom of a bag and slip it over clothes on hangers to protects from dust
  9.  Stuff them in handbags being stored to help them keep their shape
  10.  Instead of buying sponges for a textured wall effect use plastic bags
  11.  Water your indoor plants by snipping the corner off a plastic bag.  It’s lighter than a watering can, and does the job just as well.



  1. Stuff decorative sham pillow cases with plastic bags instead of pillows.  They don’t need to be comfy, they just need to look good!
  2. Make your used plastic bags into yarn to crochet or knit with. http://hellejorgensen.typepad.com/gooseflesh/2007/02/plastic_bag_yar.html
  3. Crotchet bags into door mats.  They are easy to hose off and exceptionally sturdy
  4. You can also crotchet bags using plastic yarn (plarn).  For patterns visit this site. http://www.myrecycledbags.com/my-pattern-links/
  5. Fuse bags into plastic fabric to sew with http://etsylabs.blogspot.com/2007/05/long-overdue-fusing-plastic-bag.html
  6. Create a draft blocker using old fabric and plastic bags.  Sew the fabric into a tube, and stuff with plastic bags.  Place this at the bottom of drafty doors or windows to save energy

To see more examples of Outta This World Wacky ways to use plastic bags click here.  http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2007/08/plastic_bag_crafts.html