Hi I’m Mack­ey McNeill I’m here with Dr. Deb­o­rah Ooten and we’re hap­py to share with you our cre­ation the dynam­ics of mon­ey using the Ennea­gram for con­scious trans­for­ma­tion. This pro­gram is designed to bring the pow­er of the nar­ra­tive tra­di­tion of the Ennea­gram to the sub­ject of mon­ey and pros­per­i­ty. The Ennea­gram is a dynam­ic sys­tem of nine per­son­al­i­ty types that empow­ers you to enhance your aware­ness of self and oth­ers. With unique clar­i­ty can you grab describes your habits of think­ing, feel­ing, and behav­ing that define your expe­ri­ence of life. As you learn about the non-Ennea­gram types and here exem­plars of each type shar­ing their per­son­al sto­ries you will gain self-aware­ness com­pas­sion and insights to cre­ate a more pros­per­ous and mean­ing­ful life. The Ennea­gram is a dynam­ic sys­tem accu­rate­ly describ­ing the changes and think­ing, feel­ing, and behav­ing each type expe­ri­ences and stress and security.