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Translation = Accurate Historical Financial Reporting


Outsourced Controller Services / Financial Reporting Services

Accurate, timely financials are the backbone of understanding where your business is, and predicting where it is going. Mackey Advisors designs a set of weekly, monthly, and quarterly financial reports based on your unique needs.

Customized reports are created for your industry and your stakeholders when necessary. Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Cash Headroom, and Job Costing are examples of reports we generate regularly. We can also develop a financial dashboard and trending key financial indicator reports, making financial interpretation of your results, quick and easy to understand. Typical trending reports include revenue, revenue by department, gross margin, operating costs, and labor efficiency.

With our advanced reporting capacity, you can identify your most profitable clients, most productive staff, and your most profitable products or services. Also available are efficiency reports telling you how productive your team is currently and historically.

If you choose, work with one of our Outsourced CFOs to better understand and utilize your reports. Run your business smarter, rather than harder.


Financial Dashboard & Key Financial Indicators

Gain key insights into your company’s financial well being using easy to interpret graphs and charts. Smarter information = smarter decisions. Mackey Advisors designs a financial dashboard to meet your company’s unique reporting needs. Key Financial Indicators presented graphically are easy to interpret by everyone on your team.


Executive Financial Coaching

If accounting was your passion, you would work in the profession. Mackey Advisors provides hands on one-to-one financial coaching so you learn the lingo, understand the reports, and feel confident when reading and interpreting your financial results.


Cash Management

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Mackey Advisors provides you cash flow tools and analysis to keep your eye on the financial ball. We develop cash reporting, targets and analysis to provide a weekly snapshot of where you are and where you have been.


Budget Creation & Management

Everyone works easier and more effectively with a budget. Mackey Advisors takes the pain out of budgeting and integrates your budget into your financial reporting system. With regular budget comparison reports, you know easily where you are on or off track and make timely course corrections.


Additional Translation Services: Financial Process & Procedure Manual

How will payables be paid? Invoices produced? Credit cards handled? Reports generated? Processes will be documented and responsibilities assigned so everyone is always on the same page. Standards of practice promote accuracy and timeliness in day-to-day practices as well as monthly reports.


Fraud Prevention & Internal Control Systems

Many business owners are concerned about employee embezzlement. Over 20% of small and medium enterprises experience financial fraud and the number one culprit is a one-person bookkeeping department. When times are challenging, and you need every dollar coming in, the probability of employee fraud rises.

Working with Mackey Advisors reduces your risk of loss by increasing the segregation of duties. We develop a plan to minimize the risk of fraud by designing prevention into systems and by improving internal controls. We lock down prior periods and increase the number of people watching your accounts. All Mackey Advisors employees are screened, background checked, and work in teams for regular oversight.




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